many watch brands have been merged and Nepal is still an independent family business

many watch brands have been merged and Nepal is still an independent family business

Ai Li homes will be the trend of the design and the perfect combination of German watchmaking process, the pursuit of the classic concept of elegance at the same time into the very leisure characteristics of the car elements, high cost performance makes it a German watch brand entry luxury. Today for everyone to introduce is the love of the men’s competition series POLE POSITION sports men’s watch, the official model: 44003.
The watch case made of stainless steel, ion plating, diameter 46 mm, thickness of 13 mm, the use of mineral reinforced glass mirror, waterproof up to 100 meters.
Domineering watch series, all black PVD plating case and strap imitation Cartier love bracelet seamless, showing poised momentum; crown and bridge, functional buttons are even as one, so that the whole table more concise atmosphere; black literal , A touch of red second hand, clear and easy to read; dial side of the grid decoration, rough mad see fine; 9 o’clock timing small face plate, 3 o’clock 24 hours time dial, exactly like racing dashboard,
Equipped with Citizen Miyota OS21 quartz movement, with hours and seconds and tachometer function.
Black drawing stainless steel case, domineering heavy, very sense of weight. The bottom cover marked with 100 waterproof, highlight the high quality of the brand professional. The watch has a stainless steel bracelet with a butterfly clasp.
In the face of the current World Cup German army unstoppable momentum, Germany table is also the table fans caused a hot debate. Compared to the Swiss watch rich and varied, Germany table more emphasis on the inherent cultivation, temperament more stable. The craftsmanship of the superb is not to mention. Today Xiaobian will we collect some of the German watch you should be concerned about the brand, together in the World Cup in the upsurge, feel the surface of the breath of breath it!

Nepal: Germany asked the table master

From 1936 in the Nepalese, the predecessor of a legendary jewelry store – Kramer, and Kramer jewelry store has now become the largest in South Germany, one of the oldest watch and jewelry store. Nephor insists on German manufacturing, from design to production, all completed in the German workshop, to ensure the best quality, its raw materials are selected from Germany and Switzerland.

Nephor Heritage inheritance series Price: ¥ 29999 yuan

Today, many watch brands have been merged, and Nepal is still an independent family business. Gerd Hofer is the founder of the modern niver brand, his long-term commitment to study the practicality of watches and the perfect combination of luxury. He has a very high quality requirements for all Nefer watches and clocks, and every piece of table should be carefully crafted. Niver will be superb aesthetic process, advanced mechanical technology and elegant and independent design Replica Cartier jewelry concept combined to create a legend on the watch. Asked the table, tourbillon, calendar known as the century three complex watch core invention, Nepal’s fame is the prestigious “two asked the table.” In addition, Nepal is also good at enamel dial production. Its unique is 100% hand-carving technology to introduce only 42mm diameter surface design above, fully demonstrated the combination of art and machinery unique style.
Mechanical chronograph is always the most attractive sporty watch. German brand Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Chronograph sports chronograph.

Whether people use the table for the lap time or decide the baking time, whether people want to know from A to B to the driving time or speed on the highway speed, wrist chronograph can give the answer. The chronograph is like a cake knife, and people can use it to cut out a small piece of cake from a large time and calculate it alone.

Chronograph is the “table in the table”. By pressing the start / stop button at the 2 o’clock position, the chronograph can be coupled to the running movement; after the second press it will be separated. Press the reset button at the 4 o’clock position to turn the three measurement points back to the zero position. Timing The central pointer loses seconds and a fraction of seconds in the minute cycle, and the two counters add a longer stop time of up to 12 hours. In fact, this sophisticated complex machine can also be a suitable for men wearing wrist on the delicate toys.

The new Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Chronograph sports watch is in a 44mm size stainless steel case, is a purely men’s sports watch, of course, also has a Glashütte certified honor chronograph certificate. Sport-Chronograph and other Zeitmeister sports watch series has the same configuration, design and quality characteristics: automatic movement, spiral crown, screw-in bottom cover, double-sided anti-glazed sapphire crystal glass, loaded in the Swiss movement Its own precision adjustment device, the second stop function, calendar display, with folding buckle 5 stainless steel bracelet and compressive strength up to 10 bar (100 meters). Therefore, the watch is the best daily life of the assembly, but also to meet the challenges of extreme sports. This watch can also accompany its owner in the sea free to swim.

Unlike the Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Taucher Chronograph sports diving chronograph with a diving adjustment ring, the watch has a fixed polished, scale-gauge bezel on the top of its case. The specific speed of the moving body may be determined at a given fixed distance (e.g. on the expressway). Like other members of the sports watch family, the watch’s watch has silver and black to choose from.

Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Chronograph sports watch


Movement: Valjoux 7753 movement (automatic movement chronograph), stop function, calendar display

Factory specifications: round, diameter 30.00 mm, 13¼ inches

Total height: 7.90 mm

Bearing gem: 27 tablets

Escapement system: Swiss anchor escapement

Oscillation system: Balanced frequency 28800 Half cycle number / hour

Power reserve: 46 hours

Observatory table Global starting: German Observatory table officially tested in accordance with DIN 8319

Features: hours, minutes, seconds and calendar display

Additional features: stop function, seconds and minutes timer and hour timer

Technical changes: load your own precision adjustment device

Operating element: Spiral crown for pointer adjustment and winding device,

2 buttons for chronograph switch function,

1 correction button for date quick correction

Case: stainless steel, 44 mm in diameter, with the Observatory embossed engraved on the back of the table back, the water depth of up to 10 bar

Surface: double-sided anti-dazzle treatment sapphire crystal glass

Strap: stainless steel bracelet with folding buckle, brushed, middle part polished, ear width 22.0 mm

Dial: silver dial, with stainless steel pointer and fluorescent color (Super Luminova luminous paint)

Black dial, with steel pointer and fluorescent color (Super Luminova luminous paint)

Pointer: for silver dial: “Gun” pointer with Super Luminova luminous paint

For black dials: steel pointer and Super Luminova luminous paint

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