Enamel process in the advanced tabulation has long been very common

Enamel process in the advanced tabulation has long been very common

The world’s largest luxury empire, in addition to a number of co-branded group of large groups, Hermes is one of the key members, which started in 1837 to produce saddles and harness started the brand, is affecting the French As well as the aristocratic aristocratic life around the world, the Group covers a wide range of products, which in turn scarves, leather, hand bag is very famous. But also because the brand has a long history of brand culture, and many by the blitz of the design for the development of the latter part of the watch business, providing a steady stream of creative inspiration. In addition to the sophisticated movement of high-level watch, the design and the use of special technology, can often play the role of icing on the cake, craftsmen skilled skills combined with special cultural background, giving the watch a unique soul.

Hermes Arceau series of pocket watch and watch the use of “riding ladies” enamel plate with multi-color plate

Enamel process
Enamel process in the advanced tabulation has long been very common in the pocket watch period has been enamel painting high-end timepieces, but because of the limited level of technology, only a few brands and masters have the ability to produce, today, enamel process is no longer What secret imitation Cartier love bracelet process, in the high tabulation is more commonplace, quite some twists and turns to the meaning of many brands are almost every year, the only is the only subject. Hermes since the introduction of their own movement since, but also follow up a lot of watch industry excellence process, enamel, such as micro-painted enamel, filigree enamel, filled with enamel, Paillonné enamel (metal foil inlay enamel) and so it is The main event, but also in a number of special craft watch the largest number.

Hermes “Indian Flower” watch

“Indian flower” enamel plate production

In 2011, Hermes has launched a set of four major enamel craft in a unique watch, because of the four enamel processes of their different characteristics and requirements, want to combine it is even more difficult, it is still so far The Indian Flowers, used as the enchantment of the Hermes enamel, have a large enamel (between 800-850 degrees), a combination of Paillonné enamel, enamel enamel, enamel and micro Painted enamel four kinds of technology, showing a lifelike bright picture. Disk composition, from a Hermes named “Indian flower” scarf, in addition, many of the use of enamel enamel watch, the theme are selected from the Hermes scarf.

Hermes part of the other enamel plate watch

Hermes Cheval d’Orient watch
Straw stitching

Hermes stitch stitching watch
Among the many different special processes, the use of straw is very risky, of course, this is not Hermes’s Replica Cartier jewelry, has been popular in a burst of straw painting art form, but the result is because the straw is very vulnerable to the surrounding physical environment, Moist and easy to mold, high temperature and low temperature will be deformed, even in special circumstances will change color, so straw painting is difficult to save, so straw treatment is particularly important. Usually must be straw in the water treatment, and then infected with color, and then began to use, even if this does not guarantee that the future will not be a problem, so often add some fresh materials to long-term preservation of the form of straw.

Hermes straw table watch

Hermes bold use of this unusual material, and the art of processing, dyed in deep purple, orange, purple and other colors, introduced a straw stitching watch, limited to 10, the dial pattern for the geometry Connect the Hermes marked “H” shape. Cartier is also a unique craft of one of the keen, has introduced a variety of straw stitching watch, including koala pattern and horse pattern.

Diamond inlay

Although Hermes Group, many luxury business, jewelry also occupies part of the sales, but in the entire jewelry industry, Hermes jewelry is clearly not so famous, the diamond is not the strength of Hermes. However, it is interesting that, as determined to become a senior watchmaker in the Hermes, but had to contact the field of watchmaking diamond mosaic process. Of course, Hermes itself will have jewelry department, diamond technology has long been contact, so watch the field is relatively simple diamond mosaic, for Hermes is also not difficult.

Inspired by the Japanese “handball” diamond watch (including snow mosaic and hard stone mosaic process)

Hermes diamond mosaic process, the current use of more is the snowflake mosaic and hard stone inlaid two, in addition to meet the rules of the pattern, for diamond selection, processing and cutting is also an essential part. Hard stone mosaic comes from the early Italian Pietra Dura process, this process is actually all the precious and delicate stone fine processing of the general term, hard stone mosaic often require a little diamond, the shape of the rules to mosaic complete Shape, so the requirements for the diamond is very high, and mosaic mosaic has a significant difference. Snowflake mosaic is a lot of small diamonds, dense mosaic, showing a crystal clear and like snowflakes falling like a beautiful effect, it is not demanding on the shape of the diamond, but will control the size, not too much.

High quality strap

For the production of Parma Johnny’s strap
If you want to leather, Hermes is undoubtedly the industry leader, is the watch industry’s best leather goods manufacturers, leather industry’s best watchmakers. In order to provide the best watch for Hermes watch, Hermes will Brugg workshop moved from Paris to the Swiss Bill La Montre Hermes company. At the same time, Hermes also for the famous watch brand Parma Johnny and smart table brother Apple Watch to provide strap.

Two needle line “saddle needle step” handmade belt table

Hermes leather goods popular, in addition to its selection of leather texture on the ride, and it has stood the test of time work excellence, Hermes will be used early in their own production techniques in the harness, clever use in the leather strap Production production, that is, the legendary “saddle needle step”, hand-refined Hermes leather strap, giving the watch more noble quality, and become the new “watch symbol.”

Silk preparation of the strap

In addition, the Hermes scarf is in addition to leather goods in addition to another major advantage of the product, the innovative spirit of Hermes, the wire used in the production of the strap, which launched the “man” word pattern silk preparation of the strap The

Millefiori craft

Hermes “thousands of flowers” art watch

Millefiori is a craft on the glassware to produce a lot of patterns, the Chinese name is “thousand flowers”, and Millefiori itself is composed of two Italian, Mille said a thousand, Fiori is the meaning of flowers, the name first appeared 1849 Apsley Pellatt’s book “Curious about Glass Making”. Qianhua glass was the famous glass of Venice style, the production method is to bring the pattern of glass pieces, into the glass can, of course, the process is more elegant, but no doubt compared with www.ourlovestore.com enamel a lot easier.

Hermes “thousands of flowers” watch

Hermes will use this traditional process on the dial above, when the glass melts at high temperatures will be incorporated into the flower, the key lies in the fusion process to maintain the original and no deformation, which is a sophisticated process, such as solidification of these The pattern will be permanently stored on the glass. Because each time the situation is not the same, so each dial, in fact, are unique.

Hermes 12 theme red floral disk interpretation of Japan’s long history of Koma Kurabe festival

In addition, Hermes also has a golden watch and the Japanese red painted master Buzan Fukushima cooperation to Japan Koma Kurabe celebration as the background of the special watch. Each of the senior watch brands, have their own Metier d’art, in recent years continue to appear in the high-level watchmaking classic luxury brands such as Chanel, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, LV, etc., also in this area and veteran Watch giant close, even in the women’s art watch has gone beyond, which greatly enriched the development of watch art. Hermes’s own tabulation of the road, although young, but the vitality of the show is worthy of attention, the art of the watch is even more impressive.

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