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The wearer can adjust the gold-plated clock to the proper position

The wearer can adjust the gold-plated clock to the proper position

Famous watch brand Montblanc for this special launch Heritage Chronométrie Dual Time Vasco Da Gama watch. The watch diameter of 41 mm, the thickness of 9.9 mm, the case with a triple structure, table bottom cover / watch ring and bezel were made of stainless steel and 18K red gold.

Watch equipped with MB 29.19 automatic winding movement, the movement by the Montblanc watchmaker in Villeret factory to develop their own, with dual time zone function. Through the bottom of the sapphire crystal glass mirror can look at the movement of the precise operation, the mirror is also decorated with Sango Gabriel saint (São Gabriel) sketch and Vasco da Gama’s signature.
The disk can also display the dual time zone information: the central gold-plated imitation Cartier love bracelet hour hand indicates the local time, the blue pointer indicates the home time, the latter can also be read with the 24-hour display to determine the home day and night. If the wearer does not wish to see the second time zone display, the pointer can be perfectly superimposed on the hour hand indicating the local time.

The wearer can adjust the gold-plated clock to the proper position by winding the crown according to the visiting country time zone. In this process, the gold-plated hour hand and the movement temporarily out, and thus will not affect the other indicators (including the blue pointer) position, to ensure that the watch is always working properly.

Central gold-plated minute hand slender and slender, can be used for dual time zone minutes of information display, and seconds through the 6 o’clock position of the small seconds to achieve. The date display for the 3 o’clock position is consistent with the local time display and can be moved backwards or forwards according to the selected time zone.

Silver white dial decorated with Asahi pattern, and has 11 gold-plated embossed facets. The two sub-dial designs on the disc are inspired by the voyage of Vasco da Gama. One is the 24 o’clock dial at 12 o’clock, which is associated with the hometown time. The center of the dial is the southern hemisphere night, dotted south cross star, guide Vasco da Gama’s voyage. The second is the 6 o’clock position of the small seconds, was slightly arched, decorated with miniature three-dimensional world map.

This watch is the world’s limited edition of 238, this figure from the Cape Cape 238 meters above sea level lighthouse to commemorate Vasco da Gama in late November 1497 sailing to this point. Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie Dual Time Vasco Da Gama watch has a black crocodile leather strap, with stainless steel Replica Cartier jewelry triple folding clasp, strap by the brand located in Florence, Pelletteria leather workshop elaborate.

Jacques De Luo will be the traditional Asian egg shell mosaic art into the Swiss watchmaking world, a grand presentation when the small needle plate (Petite Heure Minute) Mosaic Elephant watch. The small dial is a perfect stage for the interpretation of innovation and artistic expression, symbolizing the wisdom and strength of the elephant pacing rice fields, miniature mosaic picturesque. This new Ateliers d’Art series of masterpieces represents art challenges, Acura purely poetic, but also sent us a free tour of the offer.

Jacques De Luo travel Vietnam found this art, the locals use duck eggshell, with amazing craftsmanship inlaid together into a unique pattern. The technology has never been used for tabulation, the brand craftsmen, the real challenge is to mosaic the pattern of miniaturization, decoration in the small dial on the surface. Jacques de Luo artisans use quail eggshell, rigorous focus on creating the disk theme motif. Eggs are small and fragile, sorted by color, shape and purity, totaling more than 2,000 pieces, and finally made of hand in pieces. Embedded in the red plate before the disk, each egg shell of the curve and color should be carefully considered carefully.

Egg shell pattern also coated with a transparent paint layer, and polished to show the perfect consistency and amazing visual depth effect. The whole process took nearly 200 hours, in the black onyx when the small dial and red gold bezel against the background, the elephant pacing rice field pattern more beautiful. Mosaic elbow Mosaic Elephant watch diameter 43 mm, equipped with double barrel automatic winding movement, equipped with 22K red gold pendulum Tuo, the world limited to eight. This masterpiece of art is the perfect portrayal of Jacques Deer’s remarkable creativity and free unruly soul.

Omega Speedmaster series is the Omega brand pioneer spirit of the witness, this series was introduced in 1957, when all for scientists and athletes to provide accurate timing and set up. (NASA) and the Soviet (now known as the Russian) space agency astronauts plan to set the time plan. Today, watch home for everyone to recommend three Omega Speedmaster watch, together to enjoy their style.

Omega RACING watch series 326. watch

This watch stainless steel case inside equipped with automatic mechanical movement, the number of stones 31, power reserve 52 hours. Watch table diameter 40 mm, thickness of 15.05 mm. The dark gray dial uses silver Arabic numerals and time stamps, the six o’clock position has a date display, and has a repeat timing function. Watch case covered with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass table mirror, equipped with black rubber strap. Watch waterproof depth of 100 meters, the use of dense bottom table.

Omega Moon Table Series 311. watch

This watch with a trace of classical interior equipped with manual mechanical movement, the number of movement gem 18, power reserve 45 hours. Watch stainless steel case diameter 39.7 mm, the thickness of 14 mm, the internal black dial using silver time scale, with repeated timing function, covered with anti-wear sapphire crystal glass table mirror. Watch with a bottom table design, the use of dark brown calfskin strap. Watch waterproof depth of 50 meters.

Omega Speedmaster ’57 watch series 331. watch

This watch stainless steel case diameter 41.5 mm, the internal power reserve of 60 hours of automatic mechanical movement. Silver dial on a small second hand set the ball, with a repeat function, six o’clock date display window. Watch covered with wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass table mirror, the use of back through the bottom of the table, the assembly of steel chain strap. Watch water depth of 100 meters.

Summary: Omega Super watch to witness the first human landing on the moon, which is sufficient to prove that the super series of watches with excellent performance, accurate timing. In terms of performance and precision timing, Omega Speedmaster series can be truly known as the pioneer of the brand. Today’s watch for everyone to recommend the three watch performance excellence, style domineering, very suitable for men to wear.

When you first see Daisy Choi, you feel that she has turned herself into a moving window of various jewelry

When you first see Daisy Choi, you feel that she has turned herself into a moving window of various jewelry

When you first see Daisy Choi, you feel that she has turned herself into a moving window of various jewelry: three different rings, a necklace, and a pigeon-sized brooch on the outer jacket. London in mid-May the cold weather to help, she in the inner layer of the shirt to wear more.
These lively but not messy jewelry is designed by Daisy, 10 years ago, she turned off Hong Kong’s design consulting firm came to London alone, from Coca-Cola, Haagen Dazs design consultant into an independent Replica Cartier love bracelet jewelry designer . Like all uprooted entrepreneurs, she said that many people think she is probably crazy, but “life is short, you should do what you really enjoy.”
She came to London is the fancy here of the open and diverse. “Londoners can pay for the concept, if they buy a ring, you can not care about those carat.However, the designer must have their own way of expression.
In 2010, she designed the “Diamond Temptation” ring won the British Goldsmiths Hand Design Association awarded the Gold Award, a moment on the size of fashion magazines. See the work of the people are surprised, because the Goldsmiths Hand Design Association has always been the gold imitation Cartier love bracelet jewelry category awards, but this award is a ring from the ring to the ring are made of black rubber diamond-shaped strange ring , Only the upper right corner of the ring surface is embedded with a small sparkling real diamonds.
2 years later, Daisy in London, Sait John’s Square in the studio to pick up the black rubber ring, the expression is still very complex. “I received an invitation at the time, but I do not know that it was a shortlist of shorts, like the Oscars, where I won the prize without knowing anything.” Daisy told the first Financial Week “, said she had submitted several years before the gold material works, never won. Until the accident in 2010, she realized that he had done a “crazy thing”, and it seems the traditional awards agencies also “really have this degree of openness to accept it.”
Government organizations in the United Kingdom, and particularly in London, do have a lot of support for creative work. Such as Daisy studio where the building Craft Central, is a non-profit trust fund assets. About 30 rooms, each with a size of 200 square feet (about 18.5 square meters), are rented for 20% to 50% of the rental price, and monthly exhibitions of designer goods are held at the building. Price to attract the public to buy, the proceeds from sales to the maintenance of the building. Many similar institutions in London are sponsored by the Arts Council, and another big sponsor is Lotto. “But this year a lot of sponsorship has given artists to work with the Olympics, so a lot of designers usually go abroad to participate in the cost of the exhibition will be no.” Daisy said.
Daisy stressed that he is a “designer maker”, this sounds a bit awkward identity is in fact the precise classification of the Cartier love ring replica designer industry. “I’m not a concept jeweler, they just offer a design; I’m a maker, and sometimes I work with the factory, but I do it myself most of the time,” says Daisy. The corner of the studio, filled with a variety of tools, including the size of the drill, gypsum stereotypes mold and jewelry raw materials.

In modern sheet is tasted a list of the woman, must not be less cocktail ring

In modern sheet is tasted a list of the woman, must not be less cocktail ring

In modern sheet is tasted a list of the woman, must not be less cocktail ring. Because of its existence, not only is essential jewelry in dinner modelling, also can become a highlight in the daily dress. The birth of the Cartier love bracelet replica, is a Cocktail Ring period, is also a from dress reflect the identity of the s. This period of women dress for contracted style, atmosphere and cocktail ring is luxuriant and exaggerated design style, and fashion to the contrast, foil has the right to become the fashion the perfect accessories.

Cocktail ring, today still continue the design bold, exaggerated, colorful style, grapes, inviting wine red, deep blue, the sea, sunshine, dazzling golden, every luxuriant cocktail ring for its fantasy gorgeous colour and dazzing, wearing can blossom a sparkle in the fingertips, but also indispensable to summer exhibition charm jewelry.

Louis vuitton Acte V series of top class gem, it is inspired by the main characters during the modern art deco, Gaston – horizon of Louis vuitton. Nowadays, Acte V series launched in The second chapter The Escape, find inspiration from The late art deco, through time and space, to Streamline type modernistic style (Cartier love ring replica) into jewelry design. This kind of architectural style in aerodynamics, concise fluent modelling and new materials, so futuristic design style unique rare and precious gem perfection, by carefully selected and Acte V series of top class gem of the first chapter.

Streamline type modernistic style originated in the early 30 s, is’s response to the great depression. The genre’s inspiration comes from the initial in the progress of science and technology at the time the forefront area of travel. Industrial designers abandoned the art deco period relative to the adornment of heavy and complicated of the line, from aerospace and across the Atlantic to extend the steam ship hull have horizontal line and curve modelling. The focus of change “simple functional” is no longer the only key industrial design, more important is predicted “in the form of visual aesthetic feeling” will be in the future design direction of a crucial new direction. By

This art style led to the formation of a new career – the rise of the designer, but also created a throughout all forms of art aesthetics.

Now, this modernist art style and Acte V series of top class gem The Escape resonate: each kind of jewelry because of its smooth lines and different: delicate strand necklace, perceptual charming bracelet, luxurious is continuously earrings and rings. The mark of The Escape series is complex and changeable V, in a variety of smooth arc design, take on The shape of a variety of abstract and create such as The clever and simple sense, like hand in photograph reflect with The fan design, with The modelling of lotus blossoms, and lotus flower is a symbol of The eternal, modelling also marks The adornment style of ancient Egypt’s important influence on art deco. Selective pearl reason its size and colour and lustre showed an unusual gradient effect, and the strings of the long strings, build a more long than actual size and full of visual effects, as if to emphasize the movement of the dynamic nature, also with abstract art has a surprising similarities.

Respected and rare and precious jewelry and perfect fit to the lightsome beauty created Louis vuitton sixth top jewelry series. In this series of top jewelry item: there are 32 carat adopted the paraiba tourmalines, with black opal stone and emerald mutual echo, glaring jing; Has also made from a famous Wright NingLing Australia (20 Ridge) mining area of opals weigh more than 30 carats, adopted the design structure of the triangle, as dazzling as the twilight bright; Unique grey pearl, and produced (Replica Cartier jewelry) mining area with the penetration of the perfection of the sapphire light its gloss perfect show.

And colour clever spinel, produced in tajikistan sapphire, ruby, vibrant purple fry green diamond light of sand stone, rare tourmalines of set limit to that unique color, soft and luster are like waves of Japan o house (Akoya pearls. Each can hold a connoisseur of eyeball, was unable to extricate themselves.

The selection of mother’s day to send mother’s eight wrist watch

The selection of mother’s day to send mother’s eight wrist watch

Great love without borders The selection of mother’s day to send mother’s eight wrist watch
A timeless love is love, there is one of the most worthy of praise after the baptism of years and polished, great mothers with women unique fine luster. A wrist watch is far less than repay mother, hope this can let the minutes is our love for mother.
The longines watch jia haze series dress diamond wrist watch 】 longines watch jia haze series ladies watch with ultra-thin streamline design, fully implicit style deduce longines watch grace, with 6 gem shaft L209 quartz movement of the eye. Top box set with 48 wessel VVS quality beauty, make the watch Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica body looks very bright and moving. Dial diameter 24 mm, sometimes and pure white surface points, according to the stainless steel chain belt with triple folding clasp, firm soft and waterproof function for 30 meters (100 feet)
【 ferragamo 2016 spring summer female table 】 in recent years by the fashion brand design table, often are more surprised than traditional Swiss watch brand, but also by many creative new element set off women’s table. Italian Ferragamo Salvatore Ferragamo new table this year, is known for its SeYi is selling point, no big Logo Monogram service pattern, the deduction is just an elegant Italian design arts and crafts tradition.
【 belem ms li III series certification observatory watch 】 watch appearance is fruity, design inspiration comes from milan Emmanuel ii arcade infinite concept of symmetry and the infinite extension of circular arc, asing if is mother of infinite love and care for their children is clever.
“Tissot waves series special mother’s day” mother’s day this year, the tissot grand gift, send endless gratitude between the wrist watch, gratitude a mother’s love. Tissot waves to watch series special mother’s day, design inspiration from the vast ocean, a symbol of the mother selfless and great love.
Mother’s day gift, Versace mother’s day gift watch 】 【 returns a mother’s love, hope a pointer on the dial engraved out of the most beautiful friendship.
【 precious pearl bought ladies ultra-thin gem watch – the beauty of red gold, a table of heart 】 it treasure pearl ladies watch of wrist of ultra-thin, the beauty of 220 on the dial to dial a warm glow shines bright is dazzing, represents to you for a mother’s love.
】 【 case he’s Lady Serande wrist as a classic of a new generation of female wrist watch, Lady imitation cartier love bracelet Serande has beautiful appearance. Is the expression of female elegant and easy to match with any clothes.
The millennium ladies watch 】 【 Abby Millenary magnificent meaningful, delicate and elegant; Elliptic watchcase warm temperament unique to accumulate, which will also be mother. The effect of diamonds shine light builds a fair. The oval table of bright circle every glittering and translucent round diamond ornament, interwoven into the beautiful melody.
The beauty of the perspective Count 2016 new hollow out wrist watch
Hollow out table is so so, connect body transparent, straight to the heart, the line of sight of you there are endlessly running quality.
Watch classic fusion ultra-thin hollow out wrist 】 【 that watch table present thin hollow out wrist watch for the first time in history. For “classical fusion series” the perfect deduce again, its dynamic and modern elements, the most complete fusion discrimination element. The watch the launch of the means that watch table to challenge a ‘thin’ attempt to limit: 45 mm diameter of the dial, homemade ultra-thin movement with a thickness of only 2.90 mm.
Watch of wrist of the Louis Vuitton Minute Repeater 3 q 】 the wrist watch USES the manual Cartier love bracelet replica winding machine, hollow out the dial and a trainspotter table back, with special craft manufacture sapphire table mirror can take on the refined light smoke color. Just draw 10 point watchcase side at the bottom of the pole, can tell the time noise present a beautiful beautiful hometown. The table waterproof depth of 30 meters, power storage for up to 100 hours.
No graves MasterGraff hollow out wrist 】 【 the dial design to create a perfect sense, in combination with sapphire crystal bridge plate, the precise structure of wrist watch inside an unobstructed, surprise. Under the transparent bottom cover, the chain on the clockwork every movement also fine detail to enable the chain has also become a kind of enjoyment. MasterGraff hollow out wrist watch rose gold and platinum design limited release 30 pieces of each, all with a black alligator strap and graves folding clasp.
Earl Altiplano hollow out thin wrist 】 【 the world’s most thin automatic refining hollow out wrist watch (5.34 mm), carrying on the world’s most thin automatic hollow out machine core (2.40 mm). Success is by no means out of thin air, all by the count more than half a century of ultra-thin mechanical movement secrete attainments, in order to hit a peak.
【 audemars royal oak ultra-thin hollow out wrist 】 royal oak ultra-thin hollow out wrist Fake Cartier love bracelet watch for 39 mm in diameter, and in 1972 launched table of diameter. It was regarded as the size of the eccentric, excessive hyperbole, later became the pioneer, the trend of large size wrist today, 39 mm is of medium size wrist watch. Platinum, waterproof deepness of 50 meters, equipped with anti glare processing sapphire mirror and bottom cover. All details and jinggong decoration movement feast for the eyes. New folding type clasp with 950 platinum building, also equipped with the unique dual safety buckle mechanism.