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there are a variety of series of movement are not introduced one by one

there are a variety of series of movement are not introduced one by one

With its innovative spirit in the tradition, Tissot’s watches have been found in more than 150 countries on five continents and have won numerous international awards and awards. It has become one of the immortal brand names in the altar table. For Tissot, “time, with you control” is not just an ad, it passed the Tissot brand DNA. Today watch home will introduce a Tissot LUXURY AUTOMATIC Hao Chi series watch.

Tissot LUXURY AUTOMATIC Prudential Series T086.408.22.036.00 watch, Tissot gradually tabulation technology evolved into a science, for each one of the products require the ultimate precision. The real beauty of the watch is its movement. It uses Tissot revolutionary revolutionary POWERMATIC 80 movement, the movement with 80 hours of power storage.

Made of stainless steel, this 18K gold-plated bezel has a warm, polished finish and a diameter of 41mm. The size is the most appropriate of men’s wristwatches and the silhouette of the wrist just adorns the wrist.

Watch the thickness of 9.75 mm, from the side we can very intuitively observed, 1.14 micron gold plated screw-type gear crown, feel comfortable, frosted crown engraved brand Tissot capital letter “T.”

Watch with a stainless steel bracelet, in the middle with a groove to join the gold plating technology, played a very good decorative effect. Polished drawing process used by the bracelet, the perfect embodiment of Tissot in the process of the ultimate pursuit and design imitation Cartier love bracelet.

High-performance movement is to match the watch extraordinary and classic appearance, people irresistible. However, trying to reject is meaningless, you already know that you deserve it, willing to fall into this luxury temptation. The watch face is made of multi-level three-dimensional face plate.

Watch classic three needle design, pointer with 18K gold plated design, it is luxurious fashion. Wrist 3 o’clock position with date display window, read simple, convenient and practical. Watch time scale used for eleven beautiful diamonds, and with a gold plated gem care, durable.

Watch with steel to create a butterfly clasp design, with a simple and convenient, and in the clasp engraved with “TISSOT” and “1853” logo, make clear at a glance you can know this watch series.

Tissot is equipped with the exclusive “Powermatic 80 self-winding movement”, this one is Tissot and ETA work together to build, with 80 hours of super-long power reserve, the specific name of C07.111, by our very familiar Movement 2824-2 improved evolved. Made a huge change on the basis of the 2824-2, which is definitely a worthy watch.

Summary: With more than 150 years of superb tabulation history of Swiss Tissot watches, since 1853 has been committed to the precise and perfect watch making, watch factory in Switzerland, Leclercave engraved, are rich in creativity, excellent quality And watchmaking technology and world-renowned reputation.

Some time ago the watch house published a Panerai Tasting, did not expect even led to a table friends for the Panerai movement controversy, many watch friends on the Panerai movement grinding presence Doubt, think there is room for improvement in the details of its handling. Here I think it is necessary to order Replica Cartier jewelry, Panerai in the handling of the movement is graded, different levels of movement of different grades. Not only Panerai, many brands of the movement are doing so, do not read one of the movement in a word.

Mentioned in the tasting Panerai Cal.P.2002 / E movement, launched in 2005 Cal.P.2002 movement is produced by Panerai hand-winding high-end movement. The movement data given by the authorities are: 13¾ cents, 6.6 mm thick, 21 stones, Glucydur® balance wheel with 28,800 vibrations per hour. KIF Parechoc® Shock Absorbers. 8-day power reserve with linear indicator, three barrels, second hand zeroing device, 247 parts. Cal.P.2002 / E is added to the time equation and the back of the dynamic display, the number of parts increased to 328.

P.2002 series are used three barrels can provide 4 to 10 days of power reserve, is a long dynamic movement. This series is considered the top movement of the Panerai movement, workmanship to have nothing to say, all the fine grinding of all parts, plywood with the Italian-style hairline polished, the entire surface of the fish scale pattern polished. Panerai many complex functions are relying on this series of movement, such as tourbillon, time equation, sky map, long power and so on. Twins Cal.P.2004, Cal.P.2005, Cal.P.2006, Cal.P.2005 / S, Cal.P.2005 / G and self-winding Cal.P.2003 other movement.

Panerai movement if it is necessary to move on the 8th but also “super-high cost”, it is non-Cal.P.5000 is none other than Panerai is a relatively new manual winding movement, which initially It was in the second half of 2013 with two clockwork boxes. Maintained the brand movement in the design of the common modern 3/4 splint, but also to better stabilize and protect the internal parts, and the production of military history and consistent pursuit of the same. The scale pattern on the substrate is not polished, but only concentrated in the plywood cover will be exposed after the part.

As we all know, Panerai, like other high-end watch brands will also use a common movement, such as Panerai Cal.OP XI movement is ETA Cal.6497, can be said to be the cornerstone of Panerai’s recent models, there Also the most frequent. Pei fans are familiar with the entry section (PAM 00111) is equipped with this movement. Of course, Panerai watch fans will pay special attention to discover, in addition to the special limited edition, Panerai self-made movement coverage rate is higher and higher, the brand further in the movement of self-made movement ambitions, from the beginning of 2014 Put into use the new Swiss watch factory is evident.

Cal.6497 is a large-size manual winding movement, with the appearance of large watches, its size just to meet the needs of almost all the large case. Due to its large size, it is reasonably designed to pass the COSC certification although it is only a low frequency pendulum of 18,000. Panerai Cal.6497 polishing really good, splint and substrate grinding and chamfering, blue steel screws, mirror polished gooseneck, really a lot of work. The only one was criticized by some of my friends, it should be that the main movement of the main circuit board can not see any place without any fish scale pattern polish.

Panerai had released in 2010 a Cal.P.999 movement, and its use of Cal.6497 much like, size is much smaller, but also much thinner. Equipped with its watch is not much, are 42 millimeters table diameter, power reserve is only 60 hours, Panerai movement produced only this is not a long power.

The P.3000 Series is a relatively basic series of hand-wound movement from Panerai, with a total system diameter of 16½ (37.2 mm), a 16½-point equivalent to Cal.6497 and a thickness of 5.3 Mm, more suitable for such large size 47 and 44 mm Panerai classic watches. P.3000 series be considered a more mid-range series, equipped with this movement of the watch are not expensive (Cal.P3001 / 10 hollow and this year’s carved models except).

Movement has a very recognizable structure, 3/4 of the splint movement, a large one small two splints, covering most of the, through a series of thick screws on the bottom of the splint. The movement is equipped with 21 jewels, equipped with two connected clockwork boxes. Provide 3 days power reserve.

P.9000 series is all Panerai self-winding movement in most of the collection of self-winding movement, the basic paragraph Cal.P. 9000, in addition to different functional modules based on its twin different functions of the movement. This series of movement can be said that the most suitable for ordinary office workers Panerai movement wear, after all, automatic movement than manual winding movement convenient.

Cal. P. 9,000, caliber 13¾ French caliber, 7.9 mm thick, vibrates 28,800 vibrations per hour using Glucydur® balance wheel, Incabloc® shock absorber. Equipped with two barrels for 3 days power reserve, a total of 197 parts.

Cal.P.4000 should be Panerai’s latest movement, launched in 2014 in Hong Kong “Watch and Miracle” exhibition. Panerai is the first self-winding movement with eccentric rotor. Diameter of the rotor is smaller than the movement itself, the movement and the watch as a whole have become more slim, the thickness of the movement is only 3.95 mm.

Eccentric pendulum Tuo have two kinds of tungsten and red gold and with different materials watch. Similarly, most of the movement is covered by a large splint. And thanks to the usual Panerai barrel standard (P.4000 is a double barrel), the motive power lasts for three days and the frequency is also guaranteed for 28,800 times an hour, which is mostly eccentric of. In addition, the pendulum Tuo actually follow the P2003 and P.9000 Pendulum Tuo series has the same two-way winding function. Also equipped with a special device within the movement can be unplugged in the crown tuning time to balance the balance wheel vibration, to help the wearer can accurately synchronize the time, the movement of the substrate scale pattern is not polished . After all, is the latest movement, and is the first Panerai movement equipped with eccentric rotor, but also time to test.

These are the above movements Panerai this year, selling the movement, there are a variety of series of movement are not introduced one by one, I hope for your help. Each brand to make a different product line positioning, with different technology is a normal thing, after all, money is there, it is not necessary to take a certain brand of movement to burnish and another brand of grinding comparison , Exterior design is not the same yet. Buy a table, to think clearly what you like, what you want, what kind of price can bear, is particularly important.

Enamel process in the advanced tabulation has long been very common

Enamel process in the advanced tabulation has long been very common

The world’s largest luxury empire, in addition to a number of co-branded group of large groups, Hermes is one of the key members, which started in 1837 to produce saddles and harness started the brand, is affecting the French As well as the aristocratic aristocratic life around the world, the Group covers a wide range of products, which in turn scarves, leather, hand bag is very famous. But also because the brand has a long history of brand culture, and many by the blitz of the design for the development of the latter part of the watch business, providing a steady stream of creative inspiration. In addition to the sophisticated movement of high-level watch, the design and the use of special technology, can often play the role of icing on the cake, craftsmen skilled skills combined with special cultural background, giving the watch a unique soul.

Hermes Arceau series of pocket watch and watch the use of “riding ladies” enamel plate with multi-color plate

Enamel process
Enamel process in the advanced tabulation has long been very common in the pocket watch period has been enamel painting high-end timepieces, but because of the limited level of technology, only a few brands and masters have the ability to produce, today, enamel process is no longer What secret imitation Cartier love bracelet process, in the high tabulation is more commonplace, quite some twists and turns to the meaning of many brands are almost every year, the only is the only subject. Hermes since the introduction of their own movement since, but also follow up a lot of watch industry excellence process, enamel, such as micro-painted enamel, filigree enamel, filled with enamel, Paillonné enamel (metal foil inlay enamel) and so it is The main event, but also in a number of special craft watch the largest number.

Hermes “Indian Flower” watch

“Indian flower” enamel plate production

In 2011, Hermes has launched a set of four major enamel craft in a unique watch, because of the four enamel processes of their different characteristics and requirements, want to combine it is even more difficult, it is still so far The Indian Flowers, used as the enchantment of the Hermes enamel, have a large enamel (between 800-850 degrees), a combination of Paillonné enamel, enamel enamel, enamel and micro Painted enamel four kinds of technology, showing a lifelike bright picture. Disk composition, from a Hermes named “Indian flower” scarf, in addition, many of the use of enamel enamel watch, the theme are selected from the Hermes scarf.

Hermes part of the other enamel plate watch

Hermes Cheval d’Orient watch
Straw stitching

Hermes stitch stitching watch
Among the many different special processes, the use of straw is very risky, of course, this is not Hermes’s Replica Cartier jewelry, has been popular in a burst of straw painting art form, but the result is because the straw is very vulnerable to the surrounding physical environment, Moist and easy to mold, high temperature and low temperature will be deformed, even in special circumstances will change color, so straw painting is difficult to save, so straw treatment is particularly important. Usually must be straw in the water treatment, and then infected with color, and then began to use, even if this does not guarantee that the future will not be a problem, so often add some fresh materials to long-term preservation of the form of straw.

Hermes straw table watch

Hermes bold use of this unusual material, and the art of processing, dyed in deep purple, orange, purple and other colors, introduced a straw stitching watch, limited to 10, the dial pattern for the geometry Connect the Hermes marked “H” shape. Cartier is also a unique craft of one of the keen, has introduced a variety of straw stitching watch, including koala pattern and horse pattern.

Diamond inlay

Although Hermes Group, many luxury business, jewelry also occupies part of the sales, but in the entire jewelry industry, Hermes jewelry is clearly not so famous, the diamond is not the strength of Hermes. However, it is interesting that, as determined to become a senior watchmaker in the Hermes, but had to contact the field of watchmaking diamond mosaic process. Of course, Hermes itself will have jewelry department, diamond technology has long been contact, so watch the field is relatively simple diamond mosaic, for Hermes is also not difficult.

Inspired by the Japanese “handball” diamond watch (including snow mosaic and hard stone mosaic process)

Hermes diamond mosaic process, the current use of more is the snowflake mosaic and hard stone inlaid two, in addition to meet the rules of the pattern, for diamond selection, processing and cutting is also an essential part. Hard stone mosaic comes from the early Italian Pietra Dura process, this process is actually all the precious and delicate stone fine processing of the general term, hard stone mosaic often require a little diamond, the shape of the rules to mosaic complete Shape, so the requirements for the diamond is very high, and mosaic mosaic has a significant difference. Snowflake mosaic is a lot of small diamonds, dense mosaic, showing a crystal clear and like snowflakes falling like a beautiful effect, it is not demanding on the shape of the diamond, but will control the size, not too much.

High quality strap

For the production of Parma Johnny’s strap
If you want to leather, Hermes is undoubtedly the industry leader, is the watch industry’s best leather goods manufacturers, leather industry’s best watchmakers. In order to provide the best watch for Hermes watch, Hermes will Brugg workshop moved from Paris to the Swiss Bill La Montre Hermes company. At the same time, Hermes also for the famous watch brand Parma Johnny and smart table brother Apple Watch to provide strap.

Two needle line “saddle needle step” handmade belt table

Hermes leather goods popular, in addition to its selection of leather texture on the ride, and it has stood the test of time work excellence, Hermes will be used early in their own production techniques in the harness, clever use in the leather strap Production production, that is, the legendary “saddle needle step”, hand-refined Hermes leather strap, giving the watch more noble quality, and become the new “watch symbol.”

Silk preparation of the strap

In addition, the Hermes scarf is in addition to leather goods in addition to another major advantage of the product, the innovative spirit of Hermes, the wire used in the production of the strap, which launched the “man” word pattern silk preparation of the strap The

Millefiori craft

Hermes “thousands of flowers” art watch

Millefiori is a craft on the glassware to produce a lot of patterns, the Chinese name is “thousand flowers”, and Millefiori itself is composed of two Italian, Mille said a thousand, Fiori is the meaning of flowers, the name first appeared 1849 Apsley Pellatt’s book “Curious about Glass Making”. Qianhua glass was the famous glass of Venice style, the production method is to bring the pattern of glass pieces, into the glass can, of course, the process is more elegant, but no doubt compared with enamel a lot easier.

Hermes “thousands of flowers” watch

Hermes will use this traditional process on the dial above, when the glass melts at high temperatures will be incorporated into the flower, the key lies in the fusion process to maintain the original and no deformation, which is a sophisticated process, such as solidification of these The pattern will be permanently stored on the glass. Because each time the situation is not the same, so each dial, in fact, are unique.

Hermes 12 theme red floral disk interpretation of Japan’s long history of Koma Kurabe festival

In addition, Hermes also has a golden watch and the Japanese red painted master Buzan Fukushima cooperation to Japan Koma Kurabe celebration as the background of the special watch. Each of the senior watch brands, have their own Metier d’art, in recent years continue to appear in the high-level watchmaking classic luxury brands such as Chanel, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, LV, etc., also in this area and veteran Watch giant close, even in the women’s art watch has gone beyond, which greatly enriched the development of watch art. Hermes’s own tabulation of the road, although young, but the vitality of the show is worthy of attention, the art of the watch is even more impressive.

the diamond ring wear needs to be very careful but also a lot of stress in the ring culture

the diamond ring wear needs to be very careful but also a lot of stress in the ring culture

Diamond ring wear method: to marry a diamond ring to wear the most appropriate finger?
Ready to enter the happy marriage hall of the young couple, if you want to be held before the wedding, for their own love to leave more memories of the words, then you may wish to plan a warm surprise ceremony it. This is the best magic weapon for every boy to capture the heart, in the romantic Cartier love bracelet replica ceremony, holding the blooming roses, holding a surprise selection of luxury wedding ring, with their own sincere feelings and life vows, to her the most Romantic proposal. But before the marriage proposal, the boys must be prepared, which also have a detailed understanding of the way to marry him. So what is the most suitable for marrying a diamond ring?

Marriage diamond ring to wear the middle finger is the most appropriate

Want to understand the correct way to marry a diamond ring, first of all you have to understand the implication of marry ring. In fact, marry ring and engagement diamond ring is essentially the same, they convey the meaning is the same, but before and after the marriage proposal, this diamond ring is different. When the boys before the marriage proposal, the purchase of this diamond ring is called marriage proposal ring, and if the marriage proposal is successful, girls also wear this diamond ring, that this diamond ring is called engagement ring. This diamond ring means that both sides already exist marriage relationship. We all know that domestic and foreign marriage custom, diamond ring wear has a very important significance and stress, especially the diamond ring wear different, the meaning of the delivery will be completely different. Usually the wedding ring is all worn on the left hand, whether it is marrying a diamond ring or a wedding Cartier love ring replica ring, should be worn on the left hand, because in the Western culture, the left hand is God’s lucky hand, the diamond ring worn on this hand, Better to receive good luck. And the best way to wear wedding ring is the middle finger, because in the five fingers, the middle finger is a symbol of engagement, the meaning of marriage, when you wear this diamond ring in the middle finger, others will understand you wear this diamond ring meaning The
Different fingers wear diamond ring meaning

As we all know, the diamond ring wear needs to be very careful, but also a lot of stress, in the ring culture, different fingers wear diamond ring, it reflects and convey the meaning is completely different. Middle finger is engaged, the meaning of marriage, and the meaning of the meaning of marriage is not the meaning of marriage, relative to the middle finger, the meaning of the ring finger will be more profound, because the ring finger is the connection between the heart channel, wearing a diamond ring in this finger, more suitable for publication Some holy vows. Usually ring finger will stay in the wedding ceremony to wear diamond ring, so the meaning is more profound. And the index finger is usually not wearing a diamond ring, will only wear some pattern of the ring, because the finger does not have a special meaning, just to highlight their own personality. Often these above introductions, we believe that we have a full understanding of which finger to marry a diamond ring.
Want to marry the success of the success of capturing love heart, in addition to marry in their own sincere, but also planning a warm and romantic ceremony to marry in the sweet atmosphere under the shadow of her promise to make a lifetime of oath. In the whole marriage ceremony, the most touching part of the boys than come up with a bright and kind-hearted marriage proposal, this diamond ring will be a witness to each other’s love. But many boys in the purchase of marriage proposal, usually the most tangled is the price problem. So marry diamond ring to buy how appropriate? How to choose to marry a diamond ring?

Seeking marriage diamond ring to buy Cartier nail bracelet replica how much fit – carat

It is a lot of boys in the purchase of marrying diamond ring before the very distressing problem, although the size of the diamond ring and love has nothing to do, but who do not want to take a huge carat diamond ring to her to marry him? But because the diamond ring expensive expensive, so not everyone will buy luxury diamond ring to marry him. If your economic base allows, then buy a big diamond ring is also possible, this diamond ring in the future there will be a huge appreciation potential. And if your economic capacity in general, then there is no need to pursue the price of expensive diamond or not, as long as in accordance with their own economic conditions to buy, do not overdraft their own money to buy a luxury diamond ring, this will make you Back heavy debt pressure, while the diamond ring will lose its original meaning.

Marriage diamond ring to buy how much fit – size

A suitable marital ring, not only the size of the diamond carat is appropriate, but also contains the size of the diamond ring, imagine if you buy the marriage proposal diamond ring, when wearing too large or too small, are likely to make marriage ceremony There are a lot of embarrassment, and this time the girls will also have questions inside, whether you are more carefully prepared for the marriage proposal. So before preparing to marry, the boys can measure his finger size in a variety of ways, such as measuring the thickness of her fingers directly, or measuring the size of the inner diameter of the usual diamond ring, etc., through the above method can be fast The understanding of the size of the marital ring for her to wear.
Seeking marriage diamond ring to buy how much fit – style

Perfect marriage proposal ring need to have a lot of elements, which also includes the style of marriage proposal, different girls, she highlights the temperament is completely different, choose a suitable for her temperament Marriage diamond ring style is the best The In fact, the size of the marriage proposal is not important to marry him, it is important that you seek sincerity, and through the above description, we believe that for the marriage diamond ring to buy how appropriate, how to select the diamond ring and other issues have their own understanding.

when the Tissot watch table pull out the first gear is the date of the mediation

when the Tissot watch table pull out the first gear is the date of the mediation

Tissot quartz watch with a battery as a source of energy. The battery outputs power to the electronic block and the motor in the Tissot watch. Each second electronic block outputs a pulse wave to the motor, which is driven by the motor. Because quartz crystal can provide the most stable pulse wave, so can guarantee the highest accuracy. So how do Tiens quartz watch time and date?
Tissot watch the time to adjust the method
After finishing the date on the Tissot watch, you can also adjust the day of the week, the day, the right button in the Tissot watch is set to adjust the month, usually in the Tissot dial inside the small dial to show the specific month. And in the Tissot watch the right side of the top is the adjustment of the specific day of the week, so in the set and adjust the operation of the time is relatively convenient.
Tissot watch the date of the date
Tissot watch table is divided into two gears, when the Tissot watch and imitation Cartier love bracelet table pull out the first gear is the date of the mediation, and then pull out a file is transferred time. In the transfer date of the proposed time in the dial after the time to stay at seven o’clock position, because it is said that this operation can make the Tissot watch is not enough to stuck, and the Tissot watch movement will not cause damage, etc. The table to pull out a file to adjust the date. To adjust the time, just pull out a file out.
Movado as always perfect heritage history, tirelessly open up and lead the contemporary watch design fashion, inspired by the arts, adhering to the advanced Swiss watchmaking process, to show its unique and not extravagant charm, highlight its unique brand style The So how do you watch the time and date?
Mechanical watch
The table pull out a file is transferred to the week and date, pull out the second gear is the time to adjust.
First at 24 o’clock in the second half of the needle, the time at 10 pm to 2 o’clock directly do not adjust the date, this may damage the date transmission gear. The time will be transferred to the next 10 o’clock late. And then start dialing the knob to adjust the date, such as today is 26, you have to date to 25. And then out of the swap, adjust the pointer, so that the date jumped to No. 26. And then transferred to the right time. (If it is the morning, that is, less than a lap clock, if it is afternoon, you need to turn more than a lap, so that more than half of the 24:00) must pay attention to 24 o’clock and real time to meet.
Quartz watches
For no calendar watch, when the second run to 12 o’clock position, pull out the handle, clockwise rotation, adjust the time. If there is no second, for the accuracy of time, you can adjust the minute hand to adjust the time before the first two minutes, adjust the time back to the handle.
For a calendar of the watch, a little pull out the handle, you can adjust the clockwise clockwise, counterclockwise adjustment date, the handle will be pulled to the outermost, you can adjust the time, the specific operation and no calendar watches the same.
Longines watches can be described as a wide variety, so some friends in the daily use Replica Cartier jewelry will encounter some problems. Longines watch how to adjust the time and date is one of the problems! Let the watch home to tell you the next bar.
Longines mechanical watch
The table pull out a file is transferred to the week and date, pull out the second gear is the time to adjust.
First at 24 o’clock in the second half of the needle, the time at 10 pm to 2 o’clock directly do not adjust the date, this may damage the date transmission gear. The time will be transferred to the next 10 o’clock late. And then start dialing the knob to adjust the date, such as today is 26, you have to date to 25. And then out of the swap, adjust the pointer, so that the date jumped to No. 26. And then transferred to the right time. (If it is the morning, that is, less than a lap clock, if it is afternoon, you need to turn more than a lap, so that more than half of the 24:00) must pay attention to 24 o’clock and real time to meet.
Longines quartz watch
For no calendar watch, when the second run to 12 o’clock position, pull out the handle, clockwise rotation, adjust the time. If there is no second, for the accuracy of time, you can adjust the minute hand to adjust the time before the first two minutes, adjust the time back to the handle.
For a calendar of the watch, a little pull out the handle, you can adjust the clockwise clockwise, counterclockwise adjustment date, the handle will be pulled to the outermost, you can adjust the time, the specific operation and no calendar watches the same.
In case of complex watches, please contact the business directly.
Precautions before adjustment:
1, ready to adjust the time before the first note: In the case of a spiral crown with a watch, do not pull hard, please turn the clockwise direction to open the locked crown, adjust the time, the crown clockwise Turn and push into the lock, so as not to water.
2, followed by attention to the mechanical watch movement of the restricted area in the evening 21:00 – 4:00 am, during this period should not be weeks and calendar adjustment, or damage the movement.
3, between 21: 00-3: 00 Do not adjust the time counterclockwise, because in this period of time, calendar gear in the switch, the long time the reverse direction will damage the internal parts, other time period clockwise, counterclockwise Are free to adjust.

placed in the place where the best place to place desiccant but to avoid the use of mothballs

placed in the place where the best place to place desiccant but to avoid the use of mothballs

1, placed in the place where the best place to place desiccant, but to avoid the use of mothballs, insect repellent and other chemicals.2, the cortex of the watch should try to avoid contact with water, so as not to harden the table, smelly, and thus lead to fracture results.3, if the occurrence of abnormal shape when the watch should be immediately sent to the special watch shop check.4, automatic table must be enough in the case of activity, that is, must wear more than 10 hours a day or more.5, different occasions should wear different watches, such as sports, the best choice of waterproof and excellent shock resistance of sports watches.6, the table cover if marked WATER RESESTENT or 3ATM hand that the degree of water protection is limited to no pressure under the water or light rain.7, to remind you that any watch should not be worn imitation Cartier love bracelet in warm water or bathroom, even if your watch is a waterproof watch, because the watch is sealed rubber, warm easily aging, and the surrounding water vapor molecules smaller, it is easy to penetrate Case, resulting in internal mechanical damage.8, because each watch its internal mechanical structure are different, in the normal use of the state, the mechanical table or automatic table error of 30 seconds per day, while the quartz table error is also relatively accurate.Strap maintenance of the recipe – steel articlesPerhaps the relationship between the technical level, for the whole watch, the watch is often less concerned about the movement, but in fact it is “watch wear” the most important part. Strap can be easily divided into the refining belt and belt, which because of the rugged and unique metal luster to become the first choice for many of the table fans, but if improper maintenance, easy to maintain the refining of the refining belt will be your appearance Yo! :How about scratches? In the brilliant light to show the moving color, smooth and smooth Lian Lian is a favorite of many table fans, but also because of this proud character, as long as the strap appeared a trace of scratches, the whole table becomes pale The What about scratches? You can go to the clock and watch the line to buy “K gold wipes cloth” (or magic cloth) to wipe their own, if the scratches can not be removed deep, or wait until the regular maintenance by the maintenance master a clean up, but if the injury is heavy Was handled by the master. 2. Oh! How to become this virtue? The table is long for hoarding, and the sludge that accumulates in the joints of the table or with the sweat and dirt is made of malodor. When you encounter this situation, you can take a soft toothbrush stained with a little toothpaste or detergent light brush strap and seams, then rinse with water to wipe with a hair dryer after the hair dryer can be used to dry. In addition K gold watch for a long time will be due to oxidation and color, in addition to the master to deal with, but also can be wiped with toothpaste, the effect will make you satisfied with Replica Cartier jewelry . In the jewelry table, consumers in addition to the diamond should pay attention to whether there are signs of loose, you can also use a toothbrush dip salad cleaning dirty parts of diamonds, and jewelry and medicine is also a good way to soak. We in the process of cleaning up, no matter how careful, there will still be seepage, if the cleaning of the strap and let the table body water may be worth the candle, or love the table by the master order it. 2. Metal strap if wet (water, perspiration, etc.) and not easy to rust. Metal rust or dirt easily seep from the seams stained clothing, and even cause skin allergies, so remove the table or water after washing, please remember to use the cloth to dry and then wear the joints. Another diving watch “ashore” after rinse with water, the use of chemicals but easily lead to injury. 3.K gold material refining belt due to the material is soft, subject to impact or improper touch is likely to cause scratches, in addition to life in the traffic exhaust, pool chlorine or human sweat and so will K gold table color. So that the strap to keep dry, and carefully wear and put, and advertised high hardness of titanium or high-tech ceramic table, should also be careful to avoid impact or fall, after all, does not mean that all-conquering hard.Strap maintenance of the recipe – belt articlesIn addition to refining the band, the belt is another piece of the band. Leather strap not only looks elegant and fashion sense, in the cold winter wear together feel warm and comfortable. However, the leather strap is not easy to maintain the fear of many of the table fans, the magazine to tell you the correct concept of belt maintenance, so that your strap can accompany you for a long time, after all, asking price of thousands of dollars of the table Band is not cheap na!What is it? The production of elegant, elegant leather strap has been welcomed by many watch fans, the overall appearance, in addition to the table itself to be known to head, with the appropriate strap will make the wearer seems more temperament, but Strap odor is the biggest trouble with the belt wearer. When the strap to produce odor, the toothbrush stained with a little soapy water, quickly scrub dirty place, and then wipe with a damp cloth can be. To avoid the infiltration of soapy water into the cortex, the whole process is best completed in 20 seconds. In addition, consumers can also be painted on the strap leather oil, leather oil on the strap with a protective effect, allowing maintenance work more complete. 2. Belt belt hard to wear when the strap for a long time, in addition to produce odor, the “hardening” is also a common symptom. If the strap is often in a humid environment will accelerate its hardening rate , perspiration will erode the cortex, so that the strap deformation, hardening or even broken, inexplicably caused the loss of the watch or fall. So in addition to the usual diligent maintenance, the strap hardening do not go to twists and turns it, timely replacement of the strap is absolutely necessary. With a little money in exchange for beautiful and beautiful appearance, but also to avoid unnecessary losses, do both, why not? I. We are. of. Ding. Exhort 1. comfort is the most attractive place of the belt, but the maintenance is not easy is also a big trouble. It is recommended that consumers wear belts in the winter, summer or after exercise are easy to sweat, can not wear not wear, if you really want to wear sweat and then wear, to extend the life of the leather strap. 2. Belt material, generally crocodile skin, lizard skin, ostrich skin, shark skin and calfskin, etc., no matter what kind of material for a long time will produce a smell, so do clean and keep dry is the belt maintenance is not Methodology. If the strap is wet, you should immediately dry the cloth, if the dust should also be brushed (if the wet cloth is required to dry after cleaning). In addition, if the sun for a long time will cause the strap deterioration, but also need to pay attention to the place. 3. Belt table do not always wear, if more than two tables can replace the best. Cortical need to breathe, ventilated environment can extend the life of the strap, wearing a different table (belt), not only can reduce the risk of human damage, but also to get enough to rest the strap. In addition, the belt table wear itself is a continuous wear and tear of the process, if not day to run it naturally can accompany you longer time.

Cartier love ring and replica Cartier love bracelet should corresponds to the wearer’s character and can do the perfect collocation with fingers

Cartier love ring and replica Cartier love bracelet should corresponds to the wearer’s character and can do the perfect collocation with fingers

Cartier love ring and replica Cartier love bracelet should corresponds to the wearer’s character and can do the perfect collocation with fingers. In order to make a happy woman can find dream diamond ring, besides the inlay seat design with delicate do manual work is delicate, Cartier also launched a highlight set design style.

Strudel Louis Cartier series as representative, look from flank, diamonds in the letter “C” shape with a perfect curve, perfect render its luster.

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Boucheron “dangerous beauty” series is the “Art Nouveau” representative

Boucheron “dangerous beauty” series is the “Art Nouveau” representative

Boucheron “dangerous beauty” series is the “Art Nouveau” representative,
“Snake-like” is the focus of the beautiful series: the sparkling diamond snake necklace worn on the neck, the snake-headed pendants will hang in the chest, and in the gold diamond-studded ring, the snake’s fangs clearly Cartier love bracelet replica visible, Mouth also contains ruby. The series used Boucheron favorite sapphire — sapphire string into a geometric earrings from the ear has been down to the shoulder, so that the wearer charming extraordinary. With 60 boutique dangerous and beautiful series, bold and decisive design, inherited the Boucheron past the luxury of the momentum, the interpretation of a veritable “dangerous beauty”, coupled with the jewelry master impeccable craftsmanship, the series has become Boucheron’s classic.
Mysterious day flower
In order to pay tribute to Boucheron 150 anniversary, the British jewelry designer Shaun Leane once again unrestrained imagination of the brand uphold the spirit of innovation. Mysterious day flower necklace with black gold as the main color, so inlaid sapphire, brown diamond, white diamond and ruby branches and flowers and flowers intertwined, burst out of the power of growth and entanglement.
Consuming 3200 hours of carefully crafted 11 independent opening and closing of the activities of buds, so that you change the mystery in a day different shapes.
Gem series
Boucheron (Boucheron) The newly launched Gaité Parisienne series of fine jewelry to Paris gorgeous way of life for the design inspiration, depicting the so-called “beautiful age” (Belle Epoque) period of women, on behalf of the place, symbol of emblem and so on.
This series of high-level jewelry a total of seven boutique, each group are named after a woman, every woman’s personality style is their own jewelry style creative fountain. Of course, so the name is only the charm of these extraordinary charm of the Cartier love ring replica performance of the starting point of charm, because every one is the praise of Paris, is filled with every level of life in Paris, colorful and beautiful praise.
Consisting of two rubies and pink and violet sapphires. In the intertwined flowers, are the top gem, including a 5.01 karats of the oval rose sapphire, and a 4.30 karats of the oval rose sapphire, are totally natural in the abstract style of the design.
This large necklace chain hangs a colorful flower cluster, set the emerald and diamond leaves wrapped around the necklace, bright color, flowing like a wave. Flowers petals color from shallow and deep: bright red ruby, pink sapphires, lilac and dark blue sapphires, stop at a 25-carat long-angle ladder cut blue sapphire. This is a stunning sapphire sits the necklace center point, so that the beauty of luxury is more harmonious shape. By

Fashion up to the people of handicrafts by promotion to enhance the popularity

Fashion up to the people of handicrafts by promotion to enhance the popularity

Fashion up to the people of handicrafts by promotion to enhance the popularity
How to enhance the popularity of handicraft shops? Fashion up to handicrafts by promotion to enhance the popular. Venture to make a good idea to open a handicraft franchise to enhance the popularity of the article can be made in the Cartier love bracelet replica price, handicrafts franchise is also one of the most efficient way to enhance the popularity of the most popular, but the premise is to know how to promote, otherwise it may be counterproductive.
1. Good publicity before the handicraft work
How to enhance the popularity of handicraft shop? “Wine is also afraid of alley deep”, no matter how good the consumer does not know, can only “fetal death”. Good publicity before the promotional work is to promote the purpose of the premise.
In general, a store of radiation because of its own strength is also the strength of the points, in the store outside the scope of the propaganda work can only be a waste of money, can not achieve any substantive role. Promotional propaganda within the scope of the radiation within the store, for the target consumer.
For the strength of the shopping malls, handicrafts shop promotion can use television advertising, strong media, all-round multi-channel to the consumer information, and the general small and medium-sized stores do not have to “move”, distributed around the store Flyers, make full use of in-store radio, posters, shop strokes and other resources, or the use of propaganda vehicles and other tools, will be able to achieve the appropriate purpose. Nowadays, many shops promotional policy “gently to”, and “gently”, in the crowd “can not afford a trace of ripples”, naturally also can not achieve the purpose of promoting popularity.
2. Crafts franchise business system policy
Whether the promotion method is directly related to the promotion effect is good or bad, in the development of promotional policies, we must first target the customer market to investigate, there is a holistic grasp, and then targeted to develop relevant policies, so In order to receive better results.
(1) low price to attract
How to enhance the popularity of handicraft shop? “Creative pharmacy” boss to a price of 200 yuan of the ointment to special low price of 80 yuan to sell, the news came a rush to the people, so pharmacy fame, business is booming , The door if the city. This Cartier love ring replica ointment is sold
The more, looks the greater the deficit, but in fact the pharmacy profit has reached an unprecedented level. The reason is that people who come to buy ointment, that the other drugs is the cheapest shop, all the way to buy some, while the profits of other drugs far offset the deficit of the ointment. A win and win, not only hit the pharmacy’s reputation, but also make money, pharmacy can be described as fame and fortune.
(2) to play the charm of the gift
In Wuhan, a McDonald’s shop are packed on every holiday, which in the end is what reason? The original to attract diners is not just a healthy, convenient, delicious fast food, especially for children more attractive toy gifts, each Toys are different styles of novelty. The needs of the children brought the whole family’s consumption, the children eat music, toys hand, and happy, parents dig a little pocket is willing. The cost of gifts is not high, due to the large number of lower cost, fast food restaurant with a small amount of free gifts brought a huge return.
(3) point of consumption
Crafts shop promotion Now many shopping malls launched a membership system, the issue of discount cards, when customers shop in the shop to reach a certain number can get a certain rebate.
Such as the cumulative purchase of 100 yuan rebate 20 yuan, the purchase of 200 yuan is rebate 50 yuan to cash or cash in the form of vouchers, attracting a lot of consumers come to buy, and effectively cultivate customer loyalty. The key to the use of the point of consumption promotion is to talk about credibility, commitment to the policy must be honored, so that consumers get tangible benefits.
(4) attention to innovation
How to improve the popularity of handicraft shops? Times change, but many store promotions are “immutable”, open handicraft shop is to face the flying advertising, consumers of the “old face” is no longer “cold” According to the conservative way to become a “deaf ears”, so the promotion must be a new win, only the new vitality, only the new to attract more consumers “eye.” How to enhance the popularity of handicrafts shop nowadays, more Replica Cartier jewelry and more promotional tricks, but only in line with the customer’s psychological and needs of the way it may receive good results. In general, the store should be combined with the nature of the product, the characteristics of different ways and consumer shopping habits and other factors, choose the right way to win new and determine a reasonable period.

Fresh technology and creativity are always emerging in our lives, some are still concepts

Fresh technology and creativity are always emerging in our lives, some are still concepts

Fresh technology and creativity are always emerging in our lives, some are still concepts, and most have become reality. Design to change life, this is not a slogan. Creative integration into the home life, even the most ordinary and most simple furniture, jewelry can also change the wonderful Cartier love bracelet replica posture, and become the most dazzling embellishment. If the art of creativity, combined with modern technology, ordinary furniture will be more extraordinary response, it can become a work of art, become a childhood toy, and even can change our way of life.
Southeast Asian natural winds
Southeast Asian style design, with its tropical jungle from the natural beauty and rich national characteristics and swept the world. The use of natural plants as raw materials, reflecting the concept of pure natural, people have the feeling of contact with nature, but also the embodiment of environmental protection, the use of weaving this strong Southeast Asian flavor of the design language, with the traditional production process of natural products simple beauty The This group of furniture design with us into a strong Southeast Asian style of life, from simple materials, the integration of tropical style, the rich Oriental traditional culture and Western modern life elements of organic integration, while retaining their own characteristics, More rich changes, to create a gorgeous beauty feast.
An elegant design of the arc-type single sofa, stretch and beautiful; weaving this traditional process to form a hollow structure, so that the design more national characteristics. Dark brown rattan with a white cushion, double curved shape of the round table with Cartier love ring replica glass table, both the traditional craft features, but also add a modern fashion curve shape, material contrast and other popular elements. From the inside to the outside of the smooth lines to create a relaxed atmosphere, to convey the new Asian modern design, the designer is very clever in the retro and popular to find a balance point.
Organic abstract aesthetics
Tables, chairs, lights and other life can no longer ordinary furniture, and now they can no longer ordinary, and become a work of art.
Bauhaus (Bauhaus) as a design wave in the early twentieth century began to sweep the world, the impact so far. Designers advocate the combination of “art and technology,” the industrialization of Jane style, they believe that “less is more (Less is more)”. This group of furniture to cell inspiration, with aluminum as raw material, a manufacturing process. Unique design concept, industrial material, simple pattern, fully embodies this organic simplicity of Replica Cartier jewelry abstract aesthetics.
Black and white fashion is the eternal theme of fashion, with a strong contrast and refined temperament, whether it is minimalist, or tricks, can create a very compelling style. This group of furniture with a calm black and white two colors, the “industrialization” features reflect more thoroughly.

Bordeaux, southwestern French city, port. Located in the lower reaches of the Garonne River

Bordeaux, southwestern French city, port. Located in the lower reaches of the Garonne River

Bordeaux region
Bordeaux, southwestern French city, port. Located in the lower reaches of the Garonne River, 98 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean, is the seat of the capital of the Aquitaine and Gironde. The port of Bordeaux is the nearest port in the West and the continent of the Americas, the railway hub of Southwest Europe.
Bordeaux is one of the largest oil producing areas in France Cartier love bracelet replica, one of the world’s most important wine regions, with nearly 123,000 hectares of grape growing area (2.5% of the world’s vineyards), an average annual output of 600 million liters of wine, 1 More than a million wine growers, 57 kinds of origin named wine.
Perhaps because of the greatest fame, Bordeaux wine is the earliest people know the wine. However, perhaps for most people, Bordeaux wine noble, elegant, mysterious, out of reach, in fact, not all. Here the production is not worth the top of the fried iron, but also cost-effective wine, under the door but the price is not expensive.
Typical Mediterranean-style climate, hot summer dry, mild and rainy winter, the most suitable for grape growth.
Native land
The Bordeaux habitat has two main origins: on the left bank of the Garonne River and the estuary of the estuary, more than 150 kilometers of grapes are alluvial, and mainly gravel, pebbles and gravel from the source of the river of 600 km Niushan Hill washed down, constitute a well-drained terraced, very suitable for Cartier love ring replica grape growing especially Cabernet Sauvignon. On the other side of the river, the cocktail is more mellow and plump, because there is clay – calcareous, deeper soils and mountains are well suited for varieties such as Merlot. These sources of land are different and have a high calcium content.
The characteristics of wine producing areas
(1) Meiduoke district (red wine) color similar to ruby, soft taste, aromatic and delicate, with the charm of women, can be long-term preservation.
(2) Graff partition (red, white wine) red wine tastes delicate, thicker than Meadok.
(3) Sodon district (white wine) famous sweet white wine (expensive rot wine) origin, wine appearance golden yellow, large flavor, sweet and high, high alcohol.
(4) San Emilon district (red wine) wine color deep and thick Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica, is the most popular Bordeaux wine, mature long.
(5) Pomerolian district (red wine) has a special scent.
(6) Andor Rommel Division (white wine) good flavor and taste dry.