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Extraordinary Artwork Van Cleef Arpels Excellence Dial Women’s Watches

Extraordinary Artwork Van Cleef Arpels Excellence Dial Women’s Watches

Inspired by the nature of Van Cleef & Arpels, this year’s Asian high-level watch show launched a particularly attractive to the public eye of the extraordinary dial ™ series Lady Arpels Cardinal Carmin watch. Watch the use of fine feather art is a need to accurately grasp the natural birds feather material art, will be different varieties of feathers to follow the design, selection of materials, patient analysis, until the trim mosaic, need superb skills. Today, watch home and everyone to tasting this watch, the official model: VCARO4KA00.

Extraordinary Artwork Van Cleef & Arpels Excellence Dial ™ Women’s Watches

Lady Arpels Cardinal Carmin watch

This watch is equipped with manual winding movement, the use of 18k gold imitation Cartier love bracelet to create the case, bezel set in a row of diamonds, platinum dial decorated with green and black as the background of the red bird pattern. Wristwatch assembly bright red crocodile leather strap and needle clasp.

Gold crown

18k gold to create the watch crown shape unique, with concave pattern modification, easy to grasp the adjustment time; top mosaic round diamonds, beautiful and delicate.

Red belt

Watch strap for the special treatment of the bright red crocodile leather strap, strap clear and beautiful texture, cutting reasonable, comfortable to wear.

Gold case

Watch case made of 18k gold, 38 mm in diameter, polished polished, smooth and smooth lines, bright color. Bezel to do three-dimensional processing, inlaid diamonds, enhance the sense of hierarchy.

Watch platinum dial on the use of La Lima mosaic process, black and green with the background fine and natural. Red bird pattern is the use of micro-painted feathers, fine painting and other fine craftsmanship. The pattern is lifelike fascinating. The central hourly pointer indicates the time.

Diamond studs
Wrist watch case and strap by the linear lugs connected to the ear and on both sides of the mosaic of a diamond Replica Cartier jewelry as a decoration.


Watch the use of 18k gold to create the needle clasp, easy to wear simple, buckle inlaid diamonds, shiny bright.

Closed table bottom
Watch the bottom of the table by the same 18k gold to create, engraved with the above birds and some watch-related parameters. Case movement for the manual winding movement, power reserve 60 hours.

Summary: This Van Cleef & Arpels Premium Series Lady Arpels Cardinal Carmin watch, watch design exquisite, dial pattern exquisite and use a variety of processes, fully embodies the Van Cleef & Arpels brand of art and craftsmanship to master the profound knowledge. This watch is also in this year’s show also shine, the world limited edition of 22.

Many watch series of creative inspiration comes from the building, the United States and the perfect series of watches is one of them. The beauty of the perfect series of watch inspired by the ability to accommodate 50,000 people and to ensure that everyone’s great sight of the ancient Roman arena. Its narrow bezel for the dial to bring greater display space, its immortal design and shape to make the perfect series of watches outstanding. Today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three perfect series of American watch, take a look at the architectural art used in the wonderful watch.

American degree GENT series M8370.4.58.9 watch

This watch is equipped with internal models ETA 2836-2 automatic mechanical movement, there are 25 gems, power reserve for 40 hours. Watch stainless steel case diameter of 42 mm, the thickness of 11.93 mm. Round black dial decorated with water green Arabic numerals and time scale, three o’clock position with a week and date display, covered with anti-glare sapphire crystal glass table, the table side with two crowns. The watch uses a black rubber strap with a square raised and a stainless steel folding clasp. Watch water depth of 200 meters, the use of back through the bottom of the table.

US degrees GENT series M006.630.17.057.22 watch

This watch internal use model ETA 2836-2 automatic mechanical movement, the number of gems 25, power reserve for 40 hours. Watch 44mm stainless steel case with black dial, inlaid silver Arabic numerals and time scale, three o’clock position with week and date display window. Watch bezel with rounded teeth, covered with anti-glare sapphire crystal glass table mirror. Black rubber strap with stainless steel folding buckle. Watch water depth of 300 meters, you can observe the movement of the back through the bottom of the movement.

American degree GENT series M8340.4.12.1 watch

This watch uses stainless steel case, diameter of 42 mm, equipped with automatic mechanical movement. The white dial with ornaments has black Arabic numerals and red gold hour markers, using the central pointer, the three-hour position with the week show and the date display. Dial covered sapphire crystal glass table, the surface side of the use of stainless steel crown. Watch stainless steel strap for the chain structure, with stainless steel clasp. Watch water depth of 100 meters.

Summary: the architectural inspiration used in the production of watches, the United States in this area has a wealth of experience. Inspired by the world’s iconic architecture The perfect series of ancient Rome arena series watch is the third iconic innovation. The United States and the perfect series of watches using a narrow bezel in order to maximize the display of dial space, in addition, anti-glare sapphire crystal mirror is a dial to bring people a more intense visual impact.

The most romantic watch 7 classic moon phase table

The most romantic watch 7 classic moon phase table

The most romantic watch 7 classic moon phase table
This is a combination of technology and astronomical performances, given the time to show a new meaning, the Swiss watch master to give a pile of cold parts of the most romantic features, so that the lunar calendar, Gregorian calendar two times vividly on it.
The biggest surprise: the traditional small window calendar display is stretched into a graceful arc
In this sensory-dominated era, the beauty of harmonious balance has been infiltrated by Swiss genius watchmakers all the details of the watch.
Was given post-modern layout of the face plate Cartier love bracelet replica dotted with sparkling stars, enhance the visual beauty and luxury temperament. Fingers gently slide over the watch face plate, watch the technology pregnant with wisdom, eccentric small dial all scales are showing irregular radial, the traditional small window calendar display was stretched into a graceful arc, Relying on a diamonds with diamonds, the 3-point moon phase shows that the ball relies on a slender moonlight to show the moon’s profit and loss.
Dial: anti-glare handle arc sapphire crystal mirror
At the end of the table: lock screw sapphire crystal back cover
Case: Stainless steel, bezel set Top Wesselton IF grade diamond
Movement: manpower modified ML161 self-winding movement, 31 stone, blue steel screws, exclusive automatic disk, vibration frequency 28,800 times / hour
Strap: Black crocodile leather strap with folding buckle
Function: hours, minutes instructions, waterproof 50 meters
The biggest point: you can in the deep water “Mochizuki”
In the field of advanced jewelry to break their own world of Harry Winston launched a vibrant boutique Ocean Lady Moon Phase ocean series ladies moon phase watch. To be honest, you can not wear this elegant sports watch to play tennis, because the moon phase function can not help violent shaking. But wearing it within 100 meters of the diving is not a problem, elegant and solid 36 mm case, you can choose platinum or rose gold material, bezel set with 57 round brilliant cut diamond.
Dial: white or black mother of pearl shell face plate, inlaid with 195 round brilliant cut diamond, weighing Cartier love ring replica 0.6 karats
Mirror: double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal glass
Case: platinum or rose gold material 36 mm Strap: rubber material
Buckle: Platinum or rose gold
Function: hour, minute, date, display moon phase display
Movement: quartz
Waterproof: 100 meters (10ATM)
The biggest surprise: to pay the deposit to wait for the first half to a year to get a table
Girard Perregaux brand’s two founders are recognized as a unique watchmaker, in order to extend the two founders of the watch concept and experience and the introduction of the Cat’s Eye series of high-level jewelry watch, Girard Perregaux is a handful of Switzerland Can design the movement of one of the manufacturers, this series of each watch movement by the watch factory experts to complete the manual assembly, carved and decorated, through several different manufacturing steps of quality testing. This Girard Perregaux high jewelry watch is produced by order, after the deposit may have to wait for the first half to a year after the time.
Case: platinum case, inlaid with 309 diamonds, black agate inlaid crown, through the end of the table back
Dial: black mother of pearl dial, reverse jump week, second hand display, moon phase display
Strap: black silk quality strap, platinum clasp
Case size: 35.25 mm x 30.25 mm
Movement: GP 03390 automatic winding movement
Waterproof: 30 meters
Montblanc watch usually does not appear strange shape, it is in the simplest form is the most difficult to create classic. This star women moon phase diamond gold watch is Montblanc when the sky at the dawn of the star, the moon phase of the function to join the original flat diamond gold watch to add a lot of technical content, but also evoke the poetic realm of the sun and the moon The Watch diameter 36 mm, 9 to 12 o’clock position between the moon phase display. Dial on a star diamond just and moon phase composition of a star chart; dial edge inlaid 80 diamonds; 6 o’clock position of the calendar disk outer ring is also embedded in 24 diamonds, forming a circle of scintillating aura.
Dial: Mother of pearl dial
Case: 18K white gold and rose gold two
Bezel: bezel and lugs are mosaic Cartier nail bracelet replica 104 top Wesselton stepped cut diamonds
Strap: beige or brown silk strap
Buckle: 18K gold buckle
Movement: self-winding chronograph movement
The biggest surprise: beautiful moon phase theme dial
Since the end of the last century, Bulgari has always represented the most exquisite Italian style. Which Bulgari Bulgari series is Bulgari watch classic representative. In addition to the mother of pearl to build the moon phase, the overall look looks like a crescent moon and the shape of the sun, mother of pearl dial decorative trim and handmade mosaic scale distributed elegant and elegant light, 38mm stainless steel case Combined with the classic lines and contemporary design, so that this precious watch extra different. The whole of the dial looks like a round of meniscus and the shape of the sun.
Dial: white or black mother of pearl shells, decorative Geneva ripples and pearl dots mica polished
Strap: white crocodile leather strap
Buckle: Stainless steel folding clasp
Function: 42 hours power reserve function and moon phase display function
Movement: B77 Caliber automatic winding mechanical movement
Waterproof: 30 meters
The biggest thing: a piece of more than one million mechanical works of art
Since the completion of the new plant in Geneva in 2001, Piaget’s attitude towards high-level watches and clocks to make new products in the watch stage more compelling. This Emperador not only complete the brand philosophy, but also for the advanced watch technology to bring a new war situation. Emphasizing the 50’s soft curve of the case shape, adhering to the consistent “thin” face. In its own La Cte-aux-Fées factory concept, development and production, the thickness of only 3.5mm, almost the world’s thinnest tourbillon movement. In addition, because the proportion of the case is very well symmetry, so the case, movement and the surface of the three together is extremely elegant.
Case: 18K white gold
Dial: sapphire crystal mirror
Movement: Piaget 640P hand chain rectangle movement
Strap: Black crocodile skin
Function: with time, minutes, moon phase display
Waterproof: 30 meters
Other: Tourbillon device
The biggest surprise: both sides have “material” watch gem
Flip double-sided dial has been Jaeger-Le Coultre watch signs action, Reverso series of double-sided watch has always been known for superb watch technology. The new Reverso Duetto Duo double-sided watch goes beyond the original limits, with multiple functions with different faces, the second time zone of the time device dedicated to frequent female travel to and from each country, shuttle between two kinds of time and space, practical But also some “international spy” Fan children. Both sides of the pointer to run in reverse, but only by the same mechanical movement driven by a miracle of watches and clocks.
Case: flip case, sapphire crystal mirror
Strap: crocodile leather strap, with 18K gold stacked Die clasp
Mosaic: 64 diamonds
Pointer: Front: Blue flower pointer / back: rhodium-plated or gold-plated, both sides of the needle hem tilt
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Movement: Jaeger-LeCoultre hand-made, assembled and decorated 854-type manual winding mechanical movement

The emergence of smart watches has become a smart phone after the new generation of popular digital products

The emergence of smart watches has become a smart phone after the new generation of popular digital products

The emergence of smart watches has become a smart phone after the new generation of popular digital products. Smart watches are not only powerful, small size, easy to wear. Has been listed on the people have been widespread concern. But that is a smart watch has been a defect, the general standby time is not long. Some applications are too fast shop is the main reason!
Smart watch standby time is short, adding WiFi is the key
To the shell smart watch GEAKWatch (GWatch), for example, according to its official website nominal battery capacity of 330mhA lithium polymer battery, and smart phones frequently 1500 ~ 2500mhA battery compared to the capacity is indeed stretched. But because of years of battery technology and no essential changes, the battery volume and battery capacity is proportional to the small size of the watch must not be able to integrate large-capacity battery. At this point, the hardware design and software technology requirements on the overall product life time played a decisive role.
Hardware design, the power consumption of electronic products is mainly composed of three parts, namely the screen, WiFi network and CPU core. Relative to the smart watch, the small size of the configuration of the LCD screen are small size, such as GWatch is used 1.5-inch 240 × 240 resolution high-definition screen, in terms of power performance in line with expectations, 1GHz ultra-low power processor Can provide performance protection for imitation Cartier love bracelet at the same time, power control to very low. But the WiFi network has become a smart watch can not bypass the large power consumption, and accurately said that in smart watches such as smart portable smart devices, WiFi networks and low power consumption seems to be a fish and bear’s paw can not have both cases The
So, look at the current market has emerged a variety of known as “smart watches” products, there is no built-in WiFi network, the reason is that WiFi module is a large power consumption. Most of the production can only be second best to use Bluetooth as a smart watch data access channel, making it difficult to break the watch “mobile phone accessories” fate. But the flaws in Bluetooth are obvious, the bandwidth is small, the transmission distance is short, for the family and office crowd, WiFi is everywhere, why should the next choice of Bluetooth?
Only built-in WiFi module after the smart watch, in order to truly achieve the possibility of independent operation. This is the case of hatched GWatch is known as the world’s first smart watch the reasons, the official shell of the official definition of smart watches is the first “can be separated from the mobile phone independent Internet, independent use of independent equipment”, look at the market , Now only GWatch built-in WiFi module.
Recently, the official shell officially announced its smart watch standby time, through the use of ultra-low power chip solution, with LG all fit the screen, making this product already has a long standby time on the hardware, and then Nutshell electronic ultra-low power-saving OS, to achieve up to 12 days of standby time. For now, GWatch products have established a leading position in the field of smart watches.
Smart watches are now no longer so fresh and mysterious for us. The major brands of products manufacturers also one after another interview. But the price is higher or the main problem facing this product. The following watch home for you to introduce an excellent V5 smart touch screen watch, the price of this watch is only 288 yuan. So how about this watch? Everyone to look at.
Excellent V5 smart full touch screen watch how?
This excellent V5 smart watch full touch screen Andrews smart watch with 1.44 inch capacitive screen, higher clarity, quality is more delicate and realistic, fast response. Tap the touch screen to easily manipulate the smart watch to swipe the screen around to navigate Replica Cartier jewelry through the options.
Support the touch screen operation, a dial pad can be dialed by the number, synchronized phone phone book, synchronized phone mp3 music player, caller ID, call vibration or ringtone reminder, pedometer, barometer, stopwatch, alarm clock, burglar alarm, Most of the mobile phone can be synchronized SMS, QQ WeChat and other information tips or view, remote control camera and so on.
For the vibration alarm watch, we are still more interested. When the alarm is turned into a form of vibration will have any effect and role? Let the watch home to let you answer!
Shake alarm clock watch WakeMate introduction
The use of vibration in the form of silent alarm clock concept has a long history, but there are not many manufacturers of commercialization. And this WakeMate watch is one of them. Perhaps with the need to use the occasion not too much about it But no matter what, there will be demand, such as living with the roommate or do not want to wake the other half, there is a silent alarm clock will be more convenient. The silent alarm clock can be designed on the watch can be said to be an ideal combination, than the use of wireless functions to the arm ring or ring, at least you can avoid the use of restrictions (such as in the company nap).
But this watch is not cheap, 290 pounds. It seems that although the silent alarm clock is the selling point of this watch, but not we most people want to be silent alarm clock can accept the price, the surface of a total of two colors to choose from. Jump to see the film, but with the feeling is not very obvious to see, probably only know how to use is.
Now the mainstream smart wear equipment, especially smart watches. Are linked via Bluetooth with a smartphone or tablet. And the following watch to introduce the Meta Watch smart watch is also the case, the following we look at this watch profile!
Smart wear Bluetooth watch Meta Watch profile
Texas Instruments Meta Watch ™ Bluetooth® wearable watch development system with digital or analog and digital displays for rapid development of “connected watch” applications. TI Meta Watch has digital or analog and digital displays that allow developers to quickly and easily extend devices and application interfaces to the wrist. Meta Watch platform with embedded Bluetooth technology, can be connected to smart phones, tablet PCs and other electronic devices. The Meta Watch SDK / API makes it easy for watches to display information from mobile applications or Internet services. TI Meta Watch wearable watch development system includes a 3 ATM waterproof stainless steel housing, leather strap, mineral glass crystal, vibration motor, three-axis accelerometer and ambient light sensor. The Meta Watch platform is optimized for low power operation and is based on the TI MSP430 ™ ultra low power microcontroller and the CC2560 Bluetooth host controller interface solution.
Analog / Digital (MSP-WDS430BT1000AD) with two 16×80 white OLED displays
96×96 Reflected / Always On Display Technology (MSP-WDS430BT2000D)
Bluetooth wireless technology
3 ATM waterproof
Ambient light sensor
Rechargeable Battery
Stainless steel housing and leather strap
Can quickly develop “connection watch” application
Can be connected to smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices
To facilitate the display of information from mobile applications or Internet services

Speaking of this, Fan Hao added: “Do not look at my shop quickly, ready to work, but spent a longer time.”

Speaking of this, Fan Hao added: “Do not look at my shop quickly, ready to work, but spent a longer time.”

Speaking of this, Fan Hao added: “Do not look at my shop quickly, ready to work, but spent a longer time.” Originally, from March 2006, Fan Hao began to organize creative home gift shop. Because the creative home, creative gifts many Cartier love bracelet replica manufacturers produce less variety, and many varieties are not complete, Fan Hao need a family, a product of a product to contact the manufacturer, and a single creative product life cycle is very short, need to keep updating Replacement. Just the supply, Fan Hao to find more than 100 manufacturers. And the original Fan Hao choose to fun life creative home gift shop located in Guangzhou, there is a big reason is that the Pearl River Delta region is the famous commodity manufacturing base in the Pearl River Delta can find most of the creative products suppliers.
Third, the creative home gift shop products can best cover many areas. Investors are advised to fully understand the basic development of the market in the field at home and abroad, with a good view of the purchase. Products to be rich, at least cover home, modern office, personal supplies and other fields, including personalized clock, fashion picture frame, trendy small household appliances, household items, creative stationery, couple supplies, exquisite lighting and so on.
Fourth, if you want to do business better, you need to expand buy customer team. Creative supplies have the dual value of practical and gift. Many small and medium enterprises, private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises to young employees, at the same time, all kinds of external publicity and internal activities are very frequent, if you can establish contact with these companies, so that creative products become a souvenir or gift company activities, Good marketing channel. Such as IT class business activities are more, you can choose some creative products recommended to these enterprises, so that manufacturers in the product of the Cartier love ring replica appropriate location to do business name or brand name, will be very popular. There are all kinds of wedding etiquette company, as young people pay more and more attention to the personalized wedding, therefore, select some suitable
For the wedding aspects of the gift, and the wedding industry to establish cooperative partnership.
In addition, the ability of investors can also like “fun life”, the use of the convenience of the Internet, the network stores and online store together, combined into a set of marketing system, so marketing will be better.
Finally, Fan Hao suggested that if investors choose to join, you can save the energy in the purchase, but only hard to operate can be, so that a lot of lower risk. Especially for those who do not have business experience and good purchase channels for investors, joining is a better choice. Join the business, do not need to personally travel around the size of the wholesale market, do not need to worry about the purchase is not slaughtered. Affiliate will provide investors with one-stop service, such as online ordering system, for all the franchisees to provide all the products of the pictures, specifications models, prices, profiles and other Replica Cartier jewelry information. No matter where you are, just light mouse, you can set the required products. After the order is submitted, the goods are delivered within the specified time. Operators can take a variety of small quantities of the way to order a single product, one to enrich the variety, to the customer more choice of space; Second, to test the market, reduce risk. Market response to good goods can be replenished in time, will not cause a backlog, do not need too much cash flow. By

Leveraging the arts, interactive public relations, brand communication

Leveraging the arts, interactive public relations, brand communication

Leveraging the arts, interactive public relations, brand communication
The purchase of top jewelry brand is not because of the value of jewelry itself, but because the spirit of the brand to provide satisfaction, this satisfaction can not be quantified, and modern art to bring people’s feelings are the same Cartier love bracelet replica. Today, many brands have to sponsor the art exhibition as one of the marketing means, it is Cartier created this precedent. He founded the Cartier Foundation in 1984 to find original works of modern art around the world, to support the creation, communication and display of modern artists, to bring Cartier’s innovative spirit and artistic pursuit to the forefront. To the extreme.
4. Club marketing to enhance loyalty and preferences, increase repeat purchase and word of mouth recommendation
Western countries emphasize “class class”, China also has “to class together, people group points” argument. High-end groups also have a circle, this circle reflects the similar life forms, needs, the commonality of the way, they often through the club to enhance the influence of this Cartier love ring replica class and circle.
Cartier Club through the Cartier Art magazine to display the image, while the club’s reputation through the increase in loyalty, Cartier welcomed the public also joined the members, because everyone is possible future customers, perfect way to complete one-on-one interactive marketing. Cartier club marketing is not only to repeat the purchase, more enhance the reputation in the class and circle. Facts have proved that high-end brands have a fixed purchase of the crowd, they decided the brand evaluation system, is the opinion leader, but also public relations object.
5 into the social welfare activities, reflecting the sense of responsibility
China’s traditional concept of advocating “the rich and the world economy”, luxury brands should assume the role of social citizens, and actively contribute to social welfare undertakings. From another perspective, high-end luxury brands have been regarded as a waste, luxury and destruction of the environment has been questioned by the public, to change this perception, many luxury brands will be public welfare activities and participation in public welfare as an important brand strategy , Both to change our views, but also the courage to assume the image of social responsibility, is more conducive to winning the public goodwill.
In China, Cartier is also actively involved in the public welfare undertakings made a lot of efforts, such as donations for the hope of primary schools, disaster relief donations, including support for youth entrepreneurship, and in this event for public imitation cartier love bracelet relations, through the dissemination of public awareness. In addition, the Cartier also often held a grand new conference, sponsored stars, etc., at the same time with the active media public relations, at a lower cost to establish a good publicity and brand image.

Piaget earl of top class gem flagship store, heping road no. 7, Paris – Piaget earl new senior jewelry series – “Secrets & towns – A Mythical Journey by Piaget yee illusions tour”

Piaget earl of top class gem flagship store, heping road no. 7, Paris – Piaget earl new senior jewelry series – “Secrets & towns – A Mythical Journey by Piaget yee illusions tour”

Piaget earl of top class gem flagship store, heping road no. 7, Paris – Piaget earl new senior jewelry series – “Secrets & towns – A Mythical Journey by Piaget yee illusions tour”, carry forward the glorious history of the silk road, praise more prosperous cities along the ancient silk road and its splendid culture. After the first quarter of A Mythical Journey yee magic trip back changan and India style, new series with two legendary ancient capital – Venice and samarkand for inspiration, to its abundant cultural treasures, architectural and creativity, and into the realm of the PIAGET earl, imitating the two artisans, communicate with chengchan craft art of opportunely Cartier love bracelet replica.
PIAGET earl global senior jewelry store address heping road no. 7
Heping road no. 7 – Piaget earl of top class gem flagship store with grace and warmth decoration, invite the people experience a rich culvert contemporary flavor, not the store can provide the magic of travel. Since 1874, Piaget earl family to share brand made from thick inside information, advanced tabulation technology of deep and has good senior jewelry dual skill nourish the Piaget earl brand spirit temperament.
“The dream becomes real, palpable create reflects era style has always been Piaget earl classics brand DNA, is also the core of the reason today road no. 7. The opening is not about the brand of heping road 7 whether to further expand the flagship store layout, it can reflect Piaget represents a count family intrinsic passion and enthusiasm of special field” — Piaget earl global philippe leopold-metzger, chief executive of Mr (PhilippeLeopold – Metzger Cartier love ring replica) for the flagship store down the road 7 notation.
One of the famous land of legend
Heping road no. 7, here has given rise to Paris in the future will be famous haute couture clothing, “the father of order uniform”, Charles – FredericWorth in between the walk on the fabric scissors. Since it opened in 1858, Worth of luxury salon to become the world’s wealthy elite gathered in the fashion centre. Its legendary not far, is still in, Piaget earl will from this moment sequel to its contemporary legend. In Atelier Sasha architects architects Christine Querlioz aesthetic sense, this square covers an area of 510 square meters, across the three millennium of sanctuary, to borrow from each such as massive real estate compartment layout, the inherited from the past glory of magic, spread to every guests to arrive.
A consistent brand value from
Piaget count carefully measure the creative and bold consciousness into one bright, generous store locations since heping road 7 grand path. “VitrineExtraordinaire”, “special emphasizes reveals ark”, invited contemporary playwright wrote a new series of stories. When night falls, a new modified showcase, shown strange halo shrouded in fiber optics science and technology. When guests enter the gate of road no. 7, immersed in an instant to reveal the traditional craftsmanship and create a circumference of dispute, this is also true scene mobilized 20 kinds of craft a skillful craftsman, cost more than 26000 hours of work in order to achieve the perfect. Laminated oak wooden floor, woven oak veneer and display grottoes, in the backdrop of the delicate Murano lamp manually, the ashes on the plating gold leaf veins, yi yi is unripe brightness. Honor, is as high as 3.5 meters giant style droplight, has extended the warmest hospitality, Piaget earl invite the guests go straight toward the open terrace on the second floor. Nearby places buy by the unique showcase for its refined by the Italian ancestral family businesses, unique decorative gold leaf Mosaic, more stunning.
Never forget the experience Replica Cartier jewelry
Heping road no. 7 unique beauty, and Piaget earl beginning in 1957, using only precious media creation style perfectly. Contracted collect inside or outside the heavy and complicated, the classical elegant or avant-garde luxury, each piece of jewelry creation are advancing with The Times. As a Possession ring, echo the jewelry statics with craftsmen have self-restraint. Them in the past three generations in the long river of time, depending on the demand for starter or sculpture, in order to will be shining gold form shape flying ribbon.
As Piaget earl brand motto “Always do betterthan necessary” – Always do better than requirements, heping road no. 7 to redefine the concept of advanced clock display space. The Metiers process reveals ark produced shows The Piaget earl movement: under philippe leopold-metzger, chief executive of global planning, Piaget earl in The past few years of production for more than 25 ultra-thin movement only. In-store display of digital film, capture the unique qualified wrist culvert storage since La Cote – aux – feeds (POE) fairy workshop internal spirit and professional attainment. Depending on the table, such as, a professional master of tabulation will indefinitely waiting for them at the scene.
Overlooking the elegant landscape gardening, senior jewelry displays also salute to Piaget earl family craftsman. The splendid display in the window, adjustable lateral double into light beacon foil out two big annual main series of elegant. Piaget earl’s iconic gem cutting, horse eye shape and slip type cutting, are in the most exquisite inlaid way to amplify treasures bright, painted hard stones in the column, a vivid symbol of the Piaget earl family without being restricted freedom of expression Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica.
Heping road no. 7 on the first floor to the name of love conception of ostentation and extravagance and rituals, spoiled love visiting couple, to reveal the ring series and Piaget Passion single drill series from 0.3 carat to unlimited charm.
Along the history, window display art gallery set up reception area, for temporary exhibitions, cocktail parties, even for an intimate dinner party. Heping road 7, the possibility of rich and changeful, jointly create 21st century all-encompassing Piaget Society.