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With the watch constantly updated and the development of the function

With the watch constantly updated and the development of the function

With the watch constantly updated and the development of the function of the intuitive reflected in the watch on the dial. The increase or decrease of the pointer from another point of view the development of the watch function, small seconds and the timing disk is often used in the complex function watch. It is noteworthy that the emergence of these complex chronograph watch did not make the traditional big three-pin watch bleak. Today, watch home for everyone to recommend three classic three-pin watch, I hope you can like.

US degree COMPLICATIONS series M8690.4.11.8 watch
Watch Comments: This watch watch diameter of 42 mm, the case made of stainless steel imitation Cartier love bracelet to create. White dial because of the narrow case and is particularly open, the use of Arabic numerals as a time scale, the traditional Tai Fei needle, twelve o’clock direction is the flag of the United States, four half direction is the date display window. Dark brown leather material strap, bring out the dial of the atmosphere. Equipped with model ETA 2824-2 movement, produced by the ETA, the movement diameter of 25.6 mm, the thickness of 4.6 mm, the number of oscillations per hour up to 28,800 times, the use of 25 gemstones, providing 38 hours power storage. Stainless steel folding buckle, the use of back through the design, waterproof depth of 50 meters.

Longines Qin Yun series L4.760.4.12.2 watch
Watch Comments: This watch table diameter of 35 mm, case thickness of 7 mm, case made of stainless steel material used to build. Round white dial with a slender scale when the character, the same design of the slender pointer, giving an exceptionally simple beauty. Twelve points below the direction of the Longines logo, three o’clock direction with a date display window. Longines production of the movement, model Cal.L619. Black leather material strap, and white dial in sharp contrast, even more tough temperament. Needle-style clasp, dense design, providing 30 meters of water depth.

Long Kun classic series 861860 watch
Watch Comments: This watch watch diameter of 40 mm, case material for the stainless steel. Silver dial using the Arabic numerals as a time scale, compared to the general number, Langkun its artistic modification, so that the figures become slender, with a blue pointer, highlighting the watch simple and dynamic. Use the movement with model Laco 04. Dark brown leather material strap, with stainless steel material buckle. Provide 50 meters of water depth.

Summary: When attending a formal occasion, wearing a traditional three-pin watch, will undoubtedly increase your gas field. No complicated functions stacked on the dial, do not need to use a variety of small display to illustrate the various functions, back to nature, the three-pin watch with a Replica Cartier jewelry, is definitely the first choice for formal occasions.
Mentioning the material is not easy to wear, people will naturally think of ceramics, mention ceramic, naturally think of radar. Was born in 1917 the radar, the first in the watch industry to introduce a new material – ceramics. And in the subsequent watch manufacturing, the continuous study of ceramic technology and new materials. Delicate silky ceramic to wear a different experience and feel.

Radar ESENZA TOUCH Touch Series R53093715 watch
Watch Comments: 33 mm table diameter, oval-shaped case design, vividly convey the smooth touch of ceramic technology. Black oval dial design is extremely simple, in the twelve, three, six and nine o’clock in the direction were set with diamonds as a time scale. The slender fingers are polished to reflect the same texture as the ceramic. The bottom of the twelve o’clock direction is the sign of the radar. The use of black cloth as a watch strap, the color and watch each other as a whole, gave the wearer a comfortable wearing experience. Dense design, providing 30 meters of water depth.

Radar TRUE True Series R27695722 watch
Watch Comments: 40 mm table diameter for ladies to wear, it is a bit big, but jade-like ceramic material is emitting a warm texture. Whole body white, in the visual gives a aesthetic error, as if a carefully polished white jade, pure and flawless. The round dial uses the traditional three-pin, but there is no time scale. A date display window is available at six o’clock. Strap is also made of white ceramic.

Radar overall ceramic series R21347742 watch
Watch Comments: In the radar series of many watches, the overall series of ceramics can be described as the interpretation of the radar watch concept. This watch is 27.2 mm in diameter, and the case is made of high-tech ceramic. Black square dial in the twelve, three, six and nine o’clock inlaid with diamonds as, six o’clock direction also has a date display window, golden yellow pointer. Dial design as a whole gives a simple and generous sense. Strap design and material, both with the overall temperament of the watch to match, but also the perfect display of ceramic texture. Provide 30 meters of water depth.

Summary: How to make the design and material perfect fusion together, which for the radar, in the long process of accumulation of a very deep process, the solution to this problem seems to have found a great way. Simple design can make the wearer concerned about the material of the watch, whether it is oval-shaped design or square design, simple with ceramic material, the two against each other, quite perfect.

this commemorative watch is the 40th anniversary celebration

this commemorative watch is the 40th anniversary celebration

2016 Geneva International Senior Watch Salon (SIHH 2016), the count will show the public a new creation – Elperador Coussin XL 700P watch. In 1976, the count has launched the most compact 7P quartz movement, this commemorative watch is the 40th anniversary celebration.
In addition to the use of brand logo design, this watch the successful integration of mechanical movement and quartz technology, to achieve extraordinary technical feat, gives a deep impression. In the watchmaking industry, mechanical movement and quartz technology usually refer to different modes of operation between independent watch. Today, accurate and reliable electronic speed control devices and iconic inverted mechanical movement, in the count for the first time to achieve a perfect imitation Cartier love bracelet fusion.

Mechanical movement with inverted design, provides us with the dial from the side of the main features of the opportunity to appreciate the opportunity. Pendulum and eccentric generators constitute “8” shape, both lucky numbers, but also an infinite symbol. The bottom right with eccentric hour and minute hand, flat across the radial cone when the standard. The watch developed two years, equipped with an ultra-thin automatic winding mechanical movement, equipped with electronic speed control devices, including high-frequency quartz oscillation generator (32,768 Hz), used to control the generator and the operation of the wheel speed. The new movement is excellent in magnetic resistance and is less susceptible to gravity and ensures higher accuracy.
The watch belongs to the Earl Black Tie series, pillow case made of platinum, 46.5 mm in diameter, with gold black ADLC coated round bezel. Through the open dial, you can enjoy the fun of the pillow movement. The movement is equipped with automatic winding pearl Tuo, engraved Ji Ge pattern, and decorated the Earl of the shield emblem pattern. Exquisite satin scrub retractable running wheel system, with silver tones screw, asahi pattern decorated bridge plate by chamfering and hollow processing, to create a more transparent appearance effect. Earl unique aesthetic and workshop genes together, this blend of traditional and innovative anniversary watch will be limited to issue 118.
Preheating 2016 Basel International Watch and Jewelery Show, Breguet introduced a new Classique series of watches, decorated with the watch industry’s most poetic complex functions – moon phase profit and loss show. Classique Phase de Lune Dame 9088 watch both fully embodies the typical Breguet style, but also extended workshops exquisite watchmaking service of women’s tradition, in the brand eternal elegant ladies watch a place.
18K white gold case diameter of 30 mm, equipped with exquisite groove pit ring and white large enamel dial, low-key and yet gorgeous, pure lines faithfully reproduce Breguet factory more than 240 years of successful password. Disk Decoration Arabic numerals time scale – also known as “Breguet figures when the character”, invented by the brand founder in 1783. Minute track composed of small stars, every five minutes embellished lily pattern, pay tribute to the workshop watch the traditional. Blue steel hour and minute hand from the famous “Breguet pointer” (near the end of the hollow eccentric shape, invented in 1783) to get inspiration, and re-design to perfect with Replica Cartier jewelry enamel dial. Disk 6 o’clock position with a small second hand and moon phase profit and loss show, bezel and lugs inlaid bright cut diamonds, so that this beautiful timepiece even more shiny elegance.
In order to ensure that female customers a feast for the eyes, free to buy, Breguet also provides a Classique Phase Lune Dame 9088 watch rose gold version and not inlaid diamond version. In addition, Breguet also designed to create a natural pearl Fritillaria hand-engraved dial models, with Breguet pointer and Roman numerals.

Breguet Classique Phase de Lune Dame 9088 watch

Reference number: 9088BB / 29/964 DD00
Movement: Cal. 537L. 83/4 Automatic winding mechanical movement, vibration frequency 3.5 Hz, number of stones 26, power storage 45 hours, engraved independent number and Breguet stealth signature, silicon Swiss linear lever escapement, silicon Gossamer, adjusted by 6 directions
Case: 18K white gold material, diameter 30 mm, the table decorated with beautiful groove pit pattern, bezel and lugs inlaid with 66 bright cut diamonds (about 1.04 kt), sapphire crystal table, welding lugs, Fix the leather strap with a bolt, 30 meters in water depth
Dial: large enamel dial, engraved with independent number and Breguet invisible signature, hollow blue steel pointer, Arabic numerals, 6 o’clock position above the moon with profit and loss display and small seconds
Since the brand was founded, Tissot has never stopped designing the ladies watch. Initially, they were just a kind of jewelry. After the Tissot brand in 1911 for the first time produced a female watch. Today, Tissot T-Lady ladies watch series to women launched a variety of ladies exclusive watch. Tissot Flamingo series of watches to clean lines into the perfect simple design concept, it is both beautiful, pure and stylish. Today, watch home for everyone to bring a beautiful fashion Tissot Flamingo series of watches, the official model: T094.

Beautiful fashion of the incarnation of Tissot Flamingo series of black dial watch


This watch is a typical ladies watch, watch the overall slim and beautiful, luxurious and elegant. Watch is the use of elegant soft round case, shiny silver full of fashion, and with other parts of the black contrast. Watch strap with thin and flexible, very suitable for women’s wrist. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Watch with a round crown, crown side of the teeth modified, easy to grasp the adjustment time; and in the top of the crown decorated with Tissot logo “T”, beautiful and distinguished. Watch crown concave in the case, so that the crown to play a certain role in protecting the crown.


Watch strap for the black leather surface of the leather strap, soft and tough, cutting reasonable, bright color; strap edge to the black suture stitching, the middle of the hole, can be adjusted according to need.

This watch uses 316L stainless steel to create a round case, bezel after a special design, so that the case is more three-dimensional; case after polishing, smooth and bright. Case overall design rounded, filling the feminine watch the soft state.

Case inside the black dial on the traditional center of the three-pin instructions time, at six o’clock date display window; black dial on the use of silver strip when the standard, silver circle to make the dial more layered.

Watch ear for the linear lugs, and the case connected with the shape of special, the formation of asymmetric beauty.

Black strap with folding butterfly buckle link, clasp opening and closing simple, easy to wear but not easy to fall off.

Summary: This Tissot Flamingo series watch adhering to the series of watches has always been the design, the lines will be integrated into the perfect simple design concept, so watch is both beautiful and pure. This watch elegant, such as jewelry, exudes a totally fashionable style, style never out of date, is a heart of the classic.

many watch brands have been merged and Nepal is still an independent family business

many watch brands have been merged and Nepal is still an independent family business

Ai Li homes will be the trend of the design and the perfect combination of German watchmaking process, the pursuit of the classic concept of elegance at the same time into the very leisure characteristics of the car elements, high cost performance makes it a German watch brand entry luxury. Today for everyone to introduce is the love of the men’s competition series POLE POSITION sports men’s watch, the official model: 44003.
The watch case made of stainless steel, ion plating, diameter 46 mm, thickness of 13 mm, the use of mineral reinforced glass mirror, waterproof up to 100 meters.
Domineering watch series, all black PVD plating case and strap imitation Cartier love bracelet seamless, showing poised momentum; crown and bridge, functional buttons are even as one, so that the whole table more concise atmosphere; black literal , A touch of red second hand, clear and easy to read; dial side of the grid decoration, rough mad see fine; 9 o’clock timing small face plate, 3 o’clock 24 hours time dial, exactly like racing dashboard,
Equipped with Citizen Miyota OS21 quartz movement, with hours and seconds and tachometer function.
Black drawing stainless steel case, domineering heavy, very sense of weight. The bottom cover marked with 100 waterproof, highlight the high quality of the brand professional. The watch has a stainless steel bracelet with a butterfly clasp.
In the face of the current World Cup German army unstoppable momentum, Germany table is also the table fans caused a hot debate. Compared to the Swiss watch rich and varied, Germany table more emphasis on the inherent cultivation, temperament more stable. The craftsmanship of the superb is not to mention. Today Xiaobian will we collect some of the German watch you should be concerned about the brand, together in the World Cup in the upsurge, feel the surface of the breath of breath it!

Nepal: Germany asked the table master

From 1936 in the Nepalese, the predecessor of a legendary jewelry store – Kramer, and Kramer jewelry store has now become the largest in South Germany, one of the oldest watch and jewelry store. Nephor insists on German manufacturing, from design to production, all completed in the German workshop, to ensure the best quality, its raw materials are selected from Germany and Switzerland.

Nephor Heritage inheritance series Price: ¥ 29999 yuan

Today, many watch brands have been merged, and Nepal is still an independent family business. Gerd Hofer is the founder of the modern niver brand, his long-term commitment to study the practicality of watches and the perfect combination of luxury. He has a very high quality requirements for all Nefer watches and clocks, and every piece of table should be carefully crafted. Niver will be superb aesthetic process, advanced mechanical technology and elegant and independent design Replica Cartier jewelry concept combined to create a legend on the watch. Asked the table, tourbillon, calendar known as the century three complex watch core invention, Nepal’s fame is the prestigious “two asked the table.” In addition, Nepal is also good at enamel dial production. Its unique is 100% hand-carving technology to introduce only 42mm diameter surface design above, fully demonstrated the combination of art and machinery unique style.
Mechanical chronograph is always the most attractive sporty watch. German brand Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Chronograph sports chronograph.

Whether people use the table for the lap time or decide the baking time, whether people want to know from A to B to the driving time or speed on the highway speed, wrist chronograph can give the answer. The chronograph is like a cake knife, and people can use it to cut out a small piece of cake from a large time and calculate it alone.

Chronograph is the “table in the table”. By pressing the start / stop button at the 2 o’clock position, the chronograph can be coupled to the running movement; after the second press it will be separated. Press the reset button at the 4 o’clock position to turn the three measurement points back to the zero position. Timing The central pointer loses seconds and a fraction of seconds in the minute cycle, and the two counters add a longer stop time of up to 12 hours. In fact, this sophisticated complex machine can also be a suitable for men wearing wrist on the delicate toys.

The new Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Chronograph sports watch is in a 44mm size stainless steel case, is a purely men’s sports watch, of course, also has a Glashütte certified honor chronograph certificate. Sport-Chronograph and other Zeitmeister sports watch series has the same configuration, design and quality characteristics: automatic movement, spiral crown, screw-in bottom cover, double-sided anti-glazed sapphire crystal glass, loaded in the Swiss movement Its own precision adjustment device, the second stop function, calendar display, with folding buckle 5 stainless steel bracelet and compressive strength up to 10 bar (100 meters). Therefore, the watch is the best daily life of the assembly, but also to meet the challenges of extreme sports. This watch can also accompany its owner in the sea free to swim.

Unlike the Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Taucher Chronograph sports diving chronograph with a diving adjustment ring, the watch has a fixed polished, scale-gauge bezel on the top of its case. The specific speed of the moving body may be determined at a given fixed distance (e.g. on the expressway). Like other members of the sports watch family, the watch’s watch has silver and black to choose from.

Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Chronograph sports watch


Movement: Valjoux 7753 movement (automatic movement chronograph), stop function, calendar display

Factory specifications: round, diameter 30.00 mm, 13¼ inches

Total height: 7.90 mm

Bearing gem: 27 tablets

Escapement system: Swiss anchor escapement

Oscillation system: Balanced frequency 28800 Half cycle number / hour

Power reserve: 46 hours

Observatory table Global starting: German Observatory table officially tested in accordance with DIN 8319

Features: hours, minutes, seconds and calendar display

Additional features: stop function, seconds and minutes timer and hour timer

Technical changes: load your own precision adjustment device

Operating element: Spiral crown for pointer adjustment and winding device,

2 buttons for chronograph switch function,

1 correction button for date quick correction

Case: stainless steel, 44 mm in diameter, with the Observatory embossed engraved on the back of the table back, the water depth of up to 10 bar

Surface: double-sided anti-dazzle treatment sapphire crystal glass

Strap: stainless steel bracelet with folding buckle, brushed, middle part polished, ear width 22.0 mm

Dial: silver dial, with stainless steel pointer and fluorescent color (Super Luminova luminous paint)

Black dial, with steel pointer and fluorescent color (Super Luminova luminous paint)

Pointer: for silver dial: “Gun” pointer with Super Luminova luminous paint

For black dials: steel pointer and Super Luminova luminous paint

The purchase price of each channel is not the same the operating costs are not the same

The purchase price of each channel is not the same the operating costs are not the same

The purchase price of each channel is not the same, the operating costs are not the same, the sales strategy is not the same, so it will determine the price is not the same. Coupled with overseas purchasing, overseas version of the inflow (there are G fans Hong Kong version or Hong Kong goods, in fact, Hong Kong is only a big distribution center, the international G table of the big inverted Ye are basically the Middle East), personal resale, the price is Elusive
So, in the end there is no minimum price of a measure? In addition to those low imitation of the following 100 yuan is not to say, to counter price of 1,000 yuan, for example, personally feel 480 yuan below the risk factor of more than 98% – tens of thousands of thousand Million Note: This bottom line represents only personal views, without any scientific basis, only as a reference! Remember to remember!
2, bar code scanning method: This method is only recently seen, in order to verify the true imitation Cartier love bracelet and false, I specifically under a “I check” bar code scanning software, especially to the mall counter to scan the black money GA-110GB-1 (Bar code 4971850074045), really have to show it – “Master Kong”, ah – how is Master Kong, not only Master Kong, is: Kang! Teacher! Fu! Avoid!
This method has yet to be understood by the pedestrian, which may be the problem with the downloaded software, or the operation is wrong. However, according to personal understanding, this method is not feasible.
3, counter inspection method: the problem in the analysis of “price identification method” said, the counters are generally open agents, and the salesperson of the counter are sales tasks, you said that the past to help me see this The table is really fake? Salesperson is not a fool, if they are from the counter to buy the table but also to identify true and false? With the feet are known to buy from the Internet ah Others are not Casio company, regardless of what fake, most concerned about is of course their own sales performance. This time, for you is a salesperson, how would you think If you do for me is a salesperson, I will certainly mind the heart of the curse! Good quality of the salesperson will tell you where to identify; quality is certainly not a good look unhappy, do not know; there are insidious that this table to see is fake. Most do not fly is to counter inspection.
In addition, there are “counter invoice law”, the invoice is actually the last part of the sales side, personally feel that if there is an invoice, or is the “black shop” is the counter to open their own; or is the watch is secondhand; The last of the most dangerous, the reason is self-evident.
Fourth, which method identification Kaopu?
In fact, a variety of methods, in order to facilitate the operation, not enumerated, or from the purchase Replica Cartier jewelry before the purchase, the time after the purchase of nodes, and Chinese medicine, “Wang Wen asked cut” to talk about the combination of one or two, With the supplement.
1, before buying – “smell” and “look”
Smell: with their favorite G table model, the first step certainly get the forum or G bar to see the post (such as this, ha ha), how to choose and identify true and false; understand the selected model G table of the main features and The main function. These basic work or to do; if too troubles do not want to understand these, afraid to encounter fake, do not tangle – directly on the store.
(7 days no reason to return, after-sales service, whether the national security, etc.); also pay attention to see pictures, whether there is carton packaging, tin packaging, tag , Brochures, etc .; personally feel that the picture is more than the Internet to download the picture Kaopu;
Anyway, is to do the heart of 6 into the end, as far as possible to buy their own to stay with the protection.
2, the purchase – “cut”
Express delivery to the post, if possible as far as possible inspection and then sign – I also know that this is generally difficult to do. Anyway, the first time on the disassembly inspection, how to test?
First look at whether the packaging is complete, cartons (new cartons on the Chinese label), tin, tag, brochures, etc. are there. Why I have been emphasizing the packaging, because casio company in order to minimize the factory goods and fakes, all the packaging are produced in Japan, and the amount of control is very strict, if these packages are complete, and are brand new, printing The quality is very good (font clear, glossy texture), 90% is genuine, not tangled.
Followed by open the tin to watch the watch, with or without scratches, etc., if it is the kind of low imitation false watch, hand a ride to know.
Again, according to the main features of the pre-purchase to understand the main features of the initial verification, such as receiving radio waves ah, automatic backlight ah, small dial movement ah, etc., in fact, are not difficult, do not understand so much, know that one of the most important enough.
Or not sure, there are many ways, it was also said a lot, such as “bubble method”, “frozen law”, “disrupting time law”, “luminous law” and so on.
3, after the purchase – “ask”
If you still can not get, how to do? Ask chant! Ask who? Trust who asked who buy from is not who knows who If anyone does not trust how to do, apply for sale, and finally trust the consumer protection law it.
One can ask their trusted friends, of course, friends are basically understand G table; Second, you can ask the local after-sales service center. Note – is the after-sales service center, not the counter. As for the reasons, the front also said. Casio’s production, sale, sale is three separate lines, aftermarket generally do not control your way to the way, just true and false. You can sprinkle a good lie, such as “I like a little LCD can not see, trouble to see is not no electricity”, or “not received waves, is not broken” and so on. Third, ask Casio’s official after-sales service hotline.
Five, the beginning of the G table are not recommended to buy several tables:
1, Casio company cut off for many years the watch;
2, the old frogman – true and false difficult to distinguish, as frogs positioning “water is very deep”;
3, no special features of the basic table and the price is low.

Is one of China’s most popular folk art, paper cutting commonly used in religious rituals

Is one of China’s most popular folk art, paper cutting commonly used in religious rituals

Paper cutting
Is one of China’s most popular folk art, paper cutting commonly used in religious rituals, decoration and plastic arts and so on. Paper-cut art is generally symbolic and part of this ritual; paper-cut is also used as an ornament for sacrificing ancestors and Cartier love bracelet replica gods. Lunar New Year festivals or wedding festivals, people put bright and beautiful paper-cut on the walls, window grilles, door notes, wall flowers, ceiling flowers, lights and so on, the atmosphere of the festival was rendered very rich festive. Paper cutting itself can also be presented as a gift to others. There are two commonly used methods for paper cutting: scissors and scissors.
It is the process of cutting, carving, tear, etc., shape is derived from the life of flowers, birds, fish, insects, characters and so on. The traditional paper-cut art embodies the history and culture of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. Meaning rich, is a kind of joy, joy of expression. Folk paper-cut is a kind of paper cut out on paper, the pattern is more based on characters, animals, scenes, festive season order, grain bumper harvest, folk opera, story, both beautiful and rich, widely circulated in Chinese folk, A gorgeous wonderful work in the treasure house of national art.
Jade has a long time
History and unique meaning. Jade, contains the ancients endless pursuit of the ideal and the spirit of longing, through the ages, people put all the good things to Yu Yu. The ancients have a cloud carving and many other techniques and Cartier love ring replica art. As the eggshell itself by the shape and material fragile restrictions, egg carving design and creation and other sculpture is absolutely different.Please ask the author to have a solid art and carving skills , Especially from the critical point of the work, will not be careful to do so, a few days to the [heart] also followed by naught. Do egg carving as the same as walking wire , Each step is like a thin ice, frightened, so good egg carving works only zero eggs and one hundred points difference. Egg carving as [art carving] in the field of alternative art, in the design of ideas and creative techniques with other categories Carvings are different, each piece of work must be repeated several times to succeed.
Shell carving
Is the use of these colored shells, with its natural color and texture, shape, by the cut, grinding, polishing, piling up, paste and other processes carefully carved into flat paste, semi-relief, mosaic, three-dimensional and other forms and specifications of the crafts.
Rhino horn engraving
Rhinoceros from the South Fan Fan, Yunnan also have. Grain such as roe, that the stalk; millet in the eye, that the millet. Where the utensils to moisture, mulberry flowers bloom flowers good. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, due to the rapid development of arts and crafts, the carving process reached a new peak, superb carving art extended to the rhinoceros horn material, so that many shapes, different patterns of rhino horn cups come to the Replica Cartier jewelry fore, famous The The rhino horn engraving products of the Ming Dynasty are very compelling. Carving art people use rhinoceros flat bottom steeple shape, carved into a different pattern of the cup, jazz and other wine.

Mother ‘s Day gift selection

Mother ‘s Day gift selection

Mother ‘s Day gift selection
First, the gift sharing has become the most popular gift to buy now, according to the major gift sharing network data show that flowers are still the most popular Mother’s Day gift, ranked first. Although the flowers are a commonplace gift, but still want to take it as the preferred gift of Mother’s Day to recommend. To our parents this age, usually rarely received flowers, in fact, their heart is also eager to romantic and sweet Cartier love bracelet replica, so, in this Mother’s Day, we must send a bunch of carnations for the mother, if you can write with your hand Thanksgiving greeting card is more perfect.
Second, give the mother a healthy physical examination as a gift, is the second most popular gift. If you can not often accompany the parents around, this Mother’s Day, you can choose to accompany the mother to do a comprehensive health check. Elderly people are older, is the need for regular health checks, if the city may be more convenient, if the home in the rural areas basically do not have the opportunity to do a comprehensive inspection, so children can accompany them to the regular hospital during the holiday to conduct a comprehensive The physical examination, nothing is more happy than the health of our parents.
Third, the family party is the third most popular Mother’s Day gift. You can call brothers and sisters who go home together, to a family party, and now because of work reasons, most of the white-collar workers can not often accompanied by their parents, may wish to take this holiday to my mother a Cartier love ring replica surprise. Of course, this holiday can not let the mother to cook, conditional, then you can go to some of the restaurants together, I believe will let the mother very satisfied. If the time is abundant, you can also arrange a family trip or outdoor picnic, taking advantage of their parents to take them more young walk is also a good choice.
Four, gift sharing has become the most popular gift to buy now, according to the major gift sharing network data show that personalized custom gift is the fourth most popular Mother’s Day gift. If you can not accompany the mother because of work reasons, you can pass a warm call in the morning to convey your filial piety. Of course, if with a well-tailored small gifts on the more able to win the mother’s favor. Gifts do not have to be expensive, but be sure to highlight your mind. Personalized gift recommended: custom enamel cup, lettering wooden comb, Thanksgiving cup, handwritten greeting cards, custom pottery, lettering bracelets, etc.
No matter how busy, a phone call must be essential, this is to remember. Parents will not ask their children to do a lot, but we should have them in mind.
Send parents gifts do not have to choose too novel, because the parents of the eyes and young imitation Cartier love bracelet people, after all, if it is not allowed to send anything to the mother, may wish to choose a conservative gift, such as health care products, massage and the like.

Last year, I criticized the state of the show. However, the market has begun to act

Last year, I criticized the state of the show. However, the market has begun to act

However, in any case, it failed after all. When it was held, it was suggested that this business model is not acceptable to consumers in Shanghai, or consumers in Shanghai is not mature enough, or that China’s consumers also just know how to identify the Cartier love bracelet replica brand, do not have the style of the formation Conservation.
This has brought several major problems First, whether there is no boutique department store model in China 7 is not only because of its poor management, or do not understand the Chinese market due to its cost is too high, it also means that such a Shanghai There is a high cost of urban business bubble?
Ms. CHANEL a famous saying is: fashion to come and go, and style forever.
Unfortunately, style-oriented and weaken the Cartier love ring replica brand effect of boutique department store in China even encountered Waterloo.
This can not help but distraught.
Exhibition integration curtain has been opened
The protagonist: multinational procurement exhibition
Last year, I criticized the state of the show. However, the market has begun to act.
Prior to the Guangdong Garment Fair to try to break the major princes in Guangdong Province, the textile and apparel exhibition. Unfortunately, only this one can not continue to do so, while the exhibition continues to exist around. Really wasted the party secretary Zhang Dejiang’s painstaking expectations. And then Shanghai in 2005 China Shanghai International Clothing Franchise and OEM Expo is successfully brought together the Shanghai Textile Exhibition, Tianjin, Wenzhou, the career of the clothing show franchise exhibition. Of course, the merger continued to decline after the exhibition, but this decline is also a fundamental, the original merger can be described as accelerating the market reshuffle.
This time, I am more concerned about positioning in the foreign trade clothing purchasing exhibition. Needless to say, this is one of the imitation cartier love bracelet current hot spots and trends.
China Garment Association and Shanghai Mart jointly organized the “2006 China International Sourcing Fair clothing” is the integration of the two sides of the exhibition resources results. Prior to the two agencies organized by the cross-border procurement is always driven by the market, or even forced, rather than predict in advance and frankly comply with market trends.

Contains the infinite energy of Tiffany Keys series pendant with dazzling brilliance, giving women beyond the firm inner strength

Contains the infinite energy of Tiffany Keys series pendant with dazzling brilliance, giving women beyond the firm inner strength

Brink series
With a long broken auger as the theme, fluent line bring lightness and Cartier love bracelet replica, create a unique fashion style. Along the long lines with Bai Sejing drill, with gold plated material into the Brink of jewelry series, stretched the line of the body, easy to dress up a add beauty.
Dainty series also equipped with pearl as the center of gravity of the style, to Bai Sejing drill with white pearl, quiet and elegant.
Loop series
On behalf of the eternal graphics with round pearl, more add sweet warm appreciation. Loop earrings in twisted grain shape of gilded base with bright white pearl, r. your grace. Series at the same time equipped with earrings and rings.
The knuckle ring series
A ring has always been a symbol of unremitting, designer to combine different pattern, into the chic ring. Whether to Circle with triangle Cartier love ring replica drill into the Nook, are connected by star Thorn ring, ring will clasp and into the Circle of ring, ring or taking square crystal drilling with small crystal diamond Dazzle ring around the half Circle, also offering a charming lady. Series can be used as the trend of fashion more refers to the mixed section ring wear, creating a unique personal style.
Bright brilliance with elegant style
Contains the infinite energy of replica Cartier love bracelet series pendant with dazzling brilliance, giving women beyond the firm inner strength, beautiful appearance and life each a limitless might journey by the firm; Concise and avant-garde Tiffany T series reveal fashionable attitude, personality self heartily style; Delicate and elegant Tiffany Bow series of beautiful and chic, unilateral set auger bowknot show clever vitality; Victoria series shining bright, natural and graceful beauty of Tiffany lam pointed diamonds of the outline of the flower pattern is a celebration of mother’s poetic.
From left to right: Tiffany & Co. is Victoria Tiffany Tiffany series platinum diamond key pendant, Tiffany Keys series of 18 k rose gold with diamonds petals key pendants, Tiffany Keys series platinum inlaid canary and white diamond kaleidoscope imitation cartier love bracelet

Bulgari is what country brand?

Bulgari is what country brand?

The brand originated in Greece, the founder of Sotirio Bulgari is the Cartier love bracelet replica region of a silversmith. In 1879, Sotirio’s family emigrated to Naples, Italy, in 1884 he opened a silver shop in Rome, specializing in the sale of fine silver sculpture. By the beginning of the twentieth century, the two sons of Sotirio had grown up, and they were keen to make gemstones. After following his father to learn business for many years, the brothers finally in 1930, the two completely took over the family business, and began to carefully build their jewelry kingdom. Early in the 20th century, in Europe and the United States jewelry industry, the most popular style of the French, jewelry and choice of materials subject matter has certain rules. To the 40s of last century, from the Italian Bvlgari first to break the tradition. It is the production of jewelry in the design of the essence of color, originality with a variety of different colors of gemstones to mix and match, and then use a different material base to highlight the dazzling gem colors. In order to make the color more complete gem, Bulgari first in its jewelry on the use of semi-precious stones, such as coral, amethyst, tourmaline, topaz, olivine and so on. Bvlgari products rich colors, often stunning. In order to make jewelry on the color gemstone produce rounded soft feeling, Bvlgari began to study the improvement of the popular in the east of the round convex surface cutting method to round convex gemstone instead of multiple cutting surface gem. This was the trend of European and American traditional jewelry, it is an impact of innovation. In addition, Bvlgari created a heart-shaped gem cutting method and many other unique unique mosaic shape, which was amazing at the time. In fact, today, these have gradually developed into jewelry production standards. Since the 1940s, Cartier love ring replica entered a diversified development stage, launched a beautiful watch as a fashion accessories, and with jewelry, silver series, for the three lines of development. After World War II, in order to meet the diverse needs of people at that time, Bvlgari make persistent efforts to expand its range of fine products to the glasses, leather goods, perfume, porcelain and other products. But even today, Bvlgari has been preserved workshop production, which makes its works both exquisite handmade sense, but also both profound artistic atmosphere, has a high collection value.
Bulgari diamond ring is beautiful, the price is too high how to do?
Bvlgari is a luxury brand, so the diamond ring price is certainly high, if you feel a little expensive you can choose high-end customization ah, I am in the range of luxury jewelry children diamond ring is very good, absolutely people enjoy the quality of the counter price, Fancy good several of his home design replica Cartier love bracelet, are very elegant and generous, ready to start it, you can see the next.
Bvlgari how to choose the width of the ceramic ring, seeking detailed election?
Bulgari ceramic ring width according to their finger thickness, joint size, etc. to choose. In this case,
1, medium-sized fingers of the middle finger of the ring shape does not require too much, but the ring can not be too long to wear, long fingers on the joint, while the width of the ring can not exceed the width of the finger. In this case,
2, the finger is too short If the finger is relatively short should choose a simple design, the base of the thin ring, so that the fingers look slender. In this case,
3, finger thick rough if the finger can not choose the ring ring is too small, the choice of larger area, the best choice when designing a simple ring.