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Satin texture of the black strap and the overall style is more with

Satin texture of the black strap and the overall style is more with

Breguet’s high-level jewelry watch series, inspired by the creation of his watch royal family floral patterns, paintings, and queens love dresses elegant tailoring, and through the excellence of these jewelry craftsmanship sublime charm of the elegant wrist, It is a symbol of identity and personal status. Today, the watch house brings you a “Petite Fleur” watch of fine jewelry.

The jewelry and watch fusion, Breguet blend of technology and the aesthetic realm in one. Design inspiration from the Versailles mansion was geometric layout of the French garden architecture, filling the royal flavor, impressive lines of grace, like a flower in the spring garden of flowers, blooming in the wrist, dreamlike.

Fantastic craftsmanship inlaid
Fantastic craftsmanship inlaid. 43 inlaid gemstones use imitation Cartier love bracelet ingenious invisible pawl system inlaid into 2 rows, the petals of crystal-clear light surrounding the side, to illuminate the gem-studded flower buds. Dials using snowflake mosaic process, 141 diamonds glorious. Diamonds of different sizes have been cut and adjusted in one piece and arranged in a patchwork pattern. In addition, the use of 48 anti-diamond edge dial dial properly buckle the surface. Just like an exquisitely carved flower.

The crown is made of white gold
Crown made of white gold, in addition to the crown decorated with triangular grooves can enhance the feel of the chain, the top of the crown polished, engraved with Breguet brand Logo. Hides behind 2 rows of square diamond cut diamond petals.

Satin texture of black strap
Satin texture of the black strap, and the overall style is more with. With a platinum folding clasp, polished and clasp on the same paved with exquisite diamonds.

Invisible pawl system inlay process
Invisible pawl system inlay process that white is the “movable” diamond inlay process, this process allows the jewelry in a slight swing, like a flower petals swaying diamond flowers. Wear it on the wrist and dance, as if the petals swaying in the breeze lifelike.

The concave dial is gold-plated silver
Underneath the hemispherical sapphire crystal engraved with the serial number of the product, the concave dial is gold-plated with silver, with 141 brilliant cut diamonds on the dial and 48 retro-edged diamonds on the edge of the dial. Hour needle appearance are Breguet original, both slim and elegant features. Blue steel pointer exudes a faint blue light, blue steel is a metal surface treatment process, the steel parts heated to a certain temperature, after chemical cooling aqueous solution, saponification, the steel surface will be blue, elegant appearance.

Cal. 586/1 Self-winding movement

Bottom cover set with a sapphire crystal glass to build, sweeping exquisite movement. Movement for the self-winding mechanical movement, engraved with an independent number and CAL.586 / 1 words, 6¾ points, 29 rubies. Swiss lever escapement, silks hairspring. Vibration 3.0 Hz. Provide 38 hours of power reserve

Summary: Breguet’s high-level jewelry watch and the story of the royal family has never stopped, to the sounds of timepieces. “Petite Fleur” watch charming, elegant, using the bold mobile mosaic process unique jewelry distribution charm. As a wonderful Replica Cartier jewelry female accessories, every minor action will make it full of vitality, as if the wrist swaying petals lifelike, it is moving lightly.

In the world has a long history of the clock, with hundreds of brands, but classic and heritage brand concept for the watch brand is rare. Today we introduce three to the classic heritage of the superb watchmaking technology up to now the brand watch.

Breguet heritage series 5920BA / 15/984 watch

Breguet heritage series is one of Breguet classic series, this Breguet 5920BA / 15/984 watch, 18k yellow gold case to create, with a black crocodile leather strap and a 18k gold pin buckle. Case Breguet on the outside of the classic coin pattern for the decoration, the dial decorated with Paris nail pattern to the classic “small three-pin” layout, set at 6 o’clock small seconds, 3 o’clock date set the date window, time scale Instead of Roman numerals, a blue steel pointer is used. The same crown with 18k gold to create, providing 30 meters waterproof. Watch equipped with Cal.516 / 1 self-winding movement, providing 95 hours power reserve.

Vacheron Constantin heritage series 81160 / 000R-9102 watch

Vacheron Constantin inheritance series has been called the model of elegance and simplicity of style, inspired by Vacheron Constantin watch the 1950s creation. This 81160 / 000R-9102 series watch case, crafted in 18k rose gold, with a brown leather strap and 18k rose gold pin buckle. This watch dial with the same “small three-pin” layout, a circular silver white dial, 6 o’clock position with a small second disk. 18k rose gold crown, the top engraved Vacheron Constantin brand Logo. Watch equipped with Cal.1400 manual winding movement, the thickness of only 2.6 mm, vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, providing 40 hours power reserve.

Montblanc School Heritage Series U0111875 watch

Montblanc Taichung heritage self-winding watch focus on creating the most important and practical features, on behalf of the top Swiss watchmaking norms: simple and elegant. The U0111875 is crafted in 18k rose gold with a dark brown alligator strap and 18k gold pin buckle. Round brown dial with sun pattern finishes, to the classic princess-style faceted pointer, 3 o’clock date window. 18k rose gold with O-ring crown material to ensure that the case close security, to provide 30 meters waterproof. Watch equipped with MB 24.09 self-winding movement, vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, providing 42 hours power reserve.

Summary: In the era of mechanical timepieces watch, through the first exploration, halfway through the era of electronic watches and quartz watch pressure, and now back to glory, and ultimately able to persevere with a superb tabulation process has a small number of brands, and The motivation behind the exploration they’ve been working on in watchmaking is classic and heritage. Today recommended these three brands of heritage series of men’s watches, brand history and watch making, have reflected the concept of classic and heritage, loved by watch fans.

charismatic personality and inexhaustible extraordinary creativity for the development of the watch industry

charismatic personality and inexhaustible extraordinary creativity for the development of the watch industry

Speaking of Bertley watches know that people may not much. Its from Switzerland, in the history of the development of watches in Switzerland has a deep impact. Here we come to introduce the Bethel watch, welcome everyone to understand!
Bertley watch brand introduction
Generation of watchmakers Abraham-Louis Perrelet (Abraham – Louis Bertley) known as the father of the Swiss watch industry. Bertley has a strong interest in the design and production of precision watchmaking tools. Open the history of the watch industry, and who like Abraham-Louis Perrelet as so much praise and reverence? This is the eighteenth century watch genius, single-handedly established a shining history of the tabulation dynasty, wrote for the watch industry Epic magnificent chapter.
Bertley was born in the peasant family in 1729. At that time, the Swiss table is not common, most people do small parts gadgets. Bertley’s father did this work when he was in winter. Eyes moisten, small Bertley gradually master the secret, but also unwilling to end the old pastoral imitation Cartier love bracelet. 20 years old after the apprenticeship, but unfortunately encountered only mediocre, 15 days after the industry will endure tears to leave. This time, the Swiss watch industry ten strokes have not yet begun. To achieve the ideal of making the table, first of all to “profit” to produce their own tools and machines. At the age of twenty, the talented teenager in the Swiss watch industry birthplace Neuchatel created a personal studio. He felt that it was necessary to make a good job. If there is no tool to create a wide range of watch parts, and that it is possible to create both sophisticated and complex watches? Soon after, he developed innovative all kinds of watchmaking tools and precision watch parts, much of the Swiss manufacturing industry favored And respected, reputable. Bertley has made a straight-line instrument, eccentric machine and production tools of the wheel, the workshop became a research room. In Le Locle, he was the first to make a character wheel, complete the calendar, the average time and crab claw wheel and other functional devices. Bertley uses coarse copper as the substrate, and then installs homemade components, transmission gears, shafts, gears, escapement and power units, and realizes the entire table from start to finish.
(Eg, Jacques-Frederic Hourier – the father of Swiss chronometry); Abraham-Louis Brequet (the first of its kind), the masterpiece of the watchmaking industry, Paul-Frederic Perrelet, the founder of the world’s leading watch school, the ancestor of the Baoshi watch, and the Sun Louis-Frederic Perrelet, Too numerous to mention. His very charismatic personality and inexhaustible extraordinary creativity for the development of the watch industry has made tremendous contributions.
In 1770 or so, his personal studio experimental research center of a revolutionary research goal: how can once and for all solve the problem of shutting down the watch; forget the winding, the watch is not gone, how to do? Bertley use smart And the exquisite technique, the use of elbow movement as a kinetic energy, in 1777, developed a central automatic disk, invented the world’s first automatic watch, to solve the century problem; his personal studio has become the Swiss watch industry experiment Research center. After two hundred years later, today, all the world’s automatic watches are still without exception to follow the use of Bertley invented the automatic mechanism.
Early, the table from the power of the table on the table. In the era of the industrial revolution, a little bit of manual operation, some people want to improve it. Yongxing became the greatest dream of people until the theory and practice proved impossible. But Mr. Bertley invented the automatic table, in fact, can be regarded as indirect perpetual motion machine! The 1777 invention, inspired the creation of future generations. From Breguet to Rolex, coincide, automatic Replica Cartier jewelry table actually used the perpetual motion machine name: Perpetual.
Since then, the description of Perrelet is always full of compliments. After him, his son and grandchildren inherited the talent in the field of watchmaking, has been outstanding for the French royal family’s official watchmaker.
The face value of 20 Swiss francs on the notes, printed on an ancient portrait, he is the 18th century watchmaker Abraham-Louis Perrelet. Can be printed on the note on the characters, the country must have a very significant contribution. Switzerland to watch the rich country, known as the “father of watches” Bertley tribute, is reasonable.
We all know the birthplace of the watch in Switzerland, Switzerland, the table represents the highest level of the tabulation. But in other countries and regions, the local watch brand has its own different from the Swiss table features. Danish watch brand has a strong Nordic characteristics, the following we come to tell you about it!
Noon watches
Noon Copenhagen also called NOON Danish face watch. Referred to as NOON watch. NOON COPENHAGEN brand was founded in Denmark in 2006. Two founder founders Michael Slipsager and Jan Lovmand have worked on the design and development of the world’s leading fashion companies. As the watch is a Danish design, coupled with functional, fashion and other design elements, so the brand name plus the capital Copenhagen (best design city) this will not let people think of a particular design style or trend, but lead Cutting edge design, creating meaningful products Lenovo.
Since its inception, Noon Copenhagen fashion watch is committed to the pursuit of creative and cost-effective products, with unique unique patent design – rotating dial, innovative concepts, and excellent technology, quickly swept including Denmark, Germany, the United States , Japan, Singapore and other countries.
Wood Wood is genuinely compatible with the streets and Hi end, the brand to the Nordic unique style of the formation of a vanguard design but without losing the Nordic strict tailoring. Brand and CasioG-Shock, Be @ rbrick joint, but also proved the brand in the context of street culture to develop their own unique style. Olsen said the brand is mixed with “good and evil, pondering in seriousness, red and green”. When the old fashion brand Comme des Garson indescribably tried to use deconstruction to innovation, Wood Wood as her followers, is facing a fashionable development of the street brand is a successful transition. I believe this is a new example in today’s street culture circle.
WOOD WOOD from Copenhagen, Denmark, may be a bit strange for everyone, but we look at our news from the very beginning we have been reported, and this into the military ten years of the brand recently launched a new military style watch, Simple but full of texture. This watch uses Nordic unique simple style design, straps with tough canvas to build, very close to nature, in addition to this and not too much decoration. Moreover, although the name of the military under the banner of the watch but not the share of the rough feeling, like the military style of the friends believe that is also a new choice.
DYRBERG / KERN is an ornament brand from Denmark. In the 1980s, Gitte DYRBERG and Henning Kern founded the “DYRBERG / KERN” brand in Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, with its exquisite handmade, noble gemstone material and bold Color combination famous. D / Kman jewelry series a total of minimalist modern, leisure and rugged two design style, real wear is quite high, the designer is designed to encourage the men can be based on a single product with a self-expression style, and luxury fashion experience, To create a modern yuppie will wind or rough leisure style. In 2003, D / K officially entered the Chinese market, in Shanghai CITIC Pacific Plaza opened its first store, to the end of 2005, D / K has been in the Chinese market has more than 30 stores.
Jacob Jensen
Jacob Jensen brand from the famous Danish industrial designer Jacob Henson hand, and assembled in Switzerland production, is a Nordic style watch. His design tends to “hard edge art” style, the use of wool stainless steel and plastic and other industrial materials production fuselage, modeling is very simple and elegant. Jacob Henson is a master of the 20th century Original form, the New York Museum of Modern Art has more than 19 pieces of his collection.

Now many office workers always wear replica cartier love bracelet

Now many office workers always wear replica cartier love bracelet

Cartier always keep intimate relation and close contact with many country’s noble in its development.At the beginning of the founding of Cartier,got the favour of napoleon iii cousin princess mathilde,and take Cartier into Paris in the royal family in Paris and the palace of nobility.make Cartier custom-made a set of silver tableware for queen.Even the emperor himself sent Cartier new orders,not to mention other princess,the countess.
The British royal family had order 27 crowns from Cartier as coronate crowns.After long-term unremitting efforts,Spain,Portugal,Romania,Egypt and France Orleans prince royal prince family,Morocco and Albania also appointed Cartier as royal jewellers.Britain’s king Edward vii hailed named Cartier as “imperial jeweller,the emperor of jeweller”.
Now many office workers always wear replica cartier love bracelet ,yellow gold and pink gold cartier love bracelet are their choice,they bought them from
Attended the opening ceremony of the first rural handicrafts

Attended the opening ceremony of the first rural handicrafts

Attended the opening ceremony of the first rural handicrafts
August 28 morning, “the first Shandong home & refined life supplies large-scale trade fairs and the first rural handicrafts Fair” in Jinan Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center opened, our school Pan Lu Sheng attended the opening ceremony and Cartier love bracelet replica accompanied by the Provincial Standing Committee, deputy Governor Wang Junmin and other relevant leaders visited the rural handicrafts exhibition.
The exhibition is organized by the Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Shandong Province, light industry collective enterprises affiliated furniture, arts and crafts, hardware, weighing, leather, plastic, home appliances and decoration of the eight associations of the province’s first ” Big home “as the theme of the professional consumer home show. The exhibition held on the one hand for the majority of enterprises and consumers to build a new “transaction, docking, display, shopping” platform. Fairs will be a total of 406 booths, exhibitors 172, display categories include furniture, arts and crafts, home appliances, leather, decoration, clothing and other light industry nine industrial products categories.
“The first rural handicrafts Fair” held in the same period, the first time the overall exhibition of key areas of Shandong Province and key enterprises of the characteristics of products. Which has from the “Chinese willow capital” Linshu willow products; “Chinese arts and crafts town” Xiajin silk flower, candles and toys; Liaocheng carved gourd, beef tendon belt; Qingdao hat industry base of the process cap; Zibo engraved Porcelain and interior painting; Weifang kite and New Year paintings; Tancheng Chinese knot and Wu City carpet; and the public carving, lighting, straw painting, Lu embroidery on behalf of business products, the province of rural handicrafts show most vividly; The exhibition also attracted Yixing Zisha, Guangdong jade products group exhibitors. In particular, the exhibition invited the master of art and crafts in Shandong Cartier love ring replica Province exhibition, called the arts and crafts industry carnival, for the vast number of consumers to create a “one-stop” home shopping platform. Unique “Shandong rural handicrafts” to the whole society to promote the rural handicrafts and light industry in Shandong Province development results, will also be through the exhibition to the market, nearly a hundred participating categories of thousands of varieties, for the majority of consumers To show a “big home” brilliant picture, leading the vast number of consumers together to enjoy the fine home, taste fashion life.
Wang Junmin, vice governor of the visit pointed out that the province’s rural traditional handicrafts many, through the “leading enterprises + base + farmers” model to speed up the industrialization, is conducive to coping with the crisis to maintain growth, is conducive to farmers to increase income, To protect the development of traditional cultural skills, is conducive to energy conservation and environmental protection. All levels of government and relevant departments should conscientiously implement the province of arts and crafts to adjust the revitalization of guidance, to further accelerate the development of rural handicraft industry. To develop a development plan, focus on cultivating a number of leading enterprises, a large number of industrial clusters, consolidate a number of agricultural breeding standard base, building a number of service platform, and strive to enhance the overall scale and quality level.
Pan Lu Sheng long long-term concern about the sustainable development of rural cultural industry, he presided over the national propaganda and culture system “four groups” of personnel training project funded project “craft rural – Shandong rural cultural industry survey report” was published last year, And aroused the community on the rural cultural industry rich peasants and farmers of the widespread concern. Shandong is a large agricultural Replica Cartier jewelry province, farmers through the craft in the harvest of material wealth at the same time, but also in the ordinary crops play unlimited creativity. In the market economy conditions, these rural handicrafts become widely welcomed by urban and rural residents of daily necessities, and let the producers enjoy the creative return.
V attend the opening ceremony of the first rural handicrafts