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there are a variety of series of movement are not introduced one by one

there are a variety of series of movement are not introduced one by one

With its innovative spirit in the tradition, Tissot’s watches have been found in more than 150 countries on five continents and have won numerous international awards and awards. It has become one of the immortal brand names in the altar table. For Tissot, “time, with you control” is not just an ad, it passed the Tissot brand DNA. Today watch home will introduce a Tissot LUXURY AUTOMATIC Hao Chi series watch.

Tissot LUXURY AUTOMATIC Prudential Series T086.408.22.036.00 watch, Tissot gradually tabulation technology evolved into a science, for each one of the products require the ultimate precision. The real beauty of the watch is its movement. It uses Tissot revolutionary revolutionary POWERMATIC 80 movement, the movement with 80 hours of power storage.

Made of stainless steel, this 18K gold-plated bezel has a warm, polished finish and a diameter of 41mm. The size is the most appropriate of men’s wristwatches and the silhouette of the wrist just adorns the wrist.

Watch the thickness of 9.75 mm, from the side we can very intuitively observed, 1.14 micron gold plated screw-type gear crown, feel comfortable, frosted crown engraved brand Tissot capital letter “T.”

Watch with a stainless steel bracelet, in the middle with a groove to join the gold plating technology, played a very good decorative effect. Polished drawing process used by the bracelet, the perfect embodiment of Tissot in the process of the ultimate pursuit and design imitation Cartier love bracelet.

High-performance movement is to match the watch extraordinary and classic appearance, people irresistible. However, trying to reject is meaningless, you already know that you deserve it, willing to fall into this luxury temptation. The watch face is made of multi-level three-dimensional face plate.

Watch classic three needle design, pointer with 18K gold plated design, it is luxurious fashion. Wrist 3 o’clock position with date display window, read simple, convenient and practical. Watch time scale used for eleven beautiful diamonds, and with a gold plated gem care, durable.

Watch with steel to create a butterfly clasp design, with a simple and convenient, and in the clasp engraved with “TISSOT” and “1853” logo, make clear at a glance you can know this watch series.

Tissot is equipped with the exclusive “Powermatic 80 self-winding movement”, this one is Tissot and ETA work together to build, with 80 hours of super-long power reserve, the specific name of C07.111, by our very familiar Movement 2824-2 improved evolved. Made a huge change on the basis of the 2824-2, which is definitely a worthy watch.

Summary: With more than 150 years of superb tabulation history of Swiss Tissot watches, since 1853 has been committed to the precise and perfect watch making, watch factory in Switzerland, Leclercave engraved, are rich in creativity, excellent quality And watchmaking technology and world-renowned reputation.

Some time ago the watch house published a Panerai Tasting, did not expect even led to a table friends for the Panerai movement controversy, many watch friends on the Panerai movement grinding presence Doubt, think there is room for improvement in the details of its handling. Here I think it is necessary to order Replica Cartier jewelry, Panerai in the handling of the movement is graded, different levels of movement of different grades. Not only Panerai, many brands of the movement are doing so, do not read one of the movement in a word.

Mentioned in the tasting Panerai Cal.P.2002 / E movement, launched in 2005 Cal.P.2002 movement is produced by Panerai hand-winding high-end movement. The movement data given by the authorities are: 13¾ cents, 6.6 mm thick, 21 stones, Glucydur® balance wheel with 28,800 vibrations per hour. KIF Parechoc® Shock Absorbers. 8-day power reserve with linear indicator, three barrels, second hand zeroing device, 247 parts. Cal.P.2002 / E is added to the time equation and the back of the dynamic display, the number of parts increased to 328.

P.2002 series are used three barrels can provide 4 to 10 days of power reserve, is a long dynamic movement. This series is considered the top movement of the Panerai movement, workmanship to have nothing to say, all the fine grinding of all parts, plywood with the Italian-style hairline polished, the entire surface of the fish scale pattern polished. Panerai many complex functions are relying on this series of movement, such as tourbillon, time equation, sky map, long power and so on. Twins Cal.P.2004, Cal.P.2005, Cal.P.2006, Cal.P.2005 / S, Cal.P.2005 / G and self-winding Cal.P.2003 other movement.

Panerai movement if it is necessary to move on the 8th but also “super-high cost”, it is non-Cal.P.5000 is none other than Panerai is a relatively new manual winding movement, which initially It was in the second half of 2013 with two clockwork boxes. Maintained the brand movement in the design of the common modern 3/4 splint, but also to better stabilize and protect the internal parts, and the production of military history and consistent pursuit of the same. The scale pattern on the substrate is not polished, but only concentrated in the plywood cover will be exposed after the part.

As we all know, Panerai, like other high-end watch brands will also use a common movement, such as Panerai Cal.OP XI movement is ETA Cal.6497, can be said to be the cornerstone of Panerai’s recent models, there Also the most frequent. Pei fans are familiar with the entry section (PAM 00111) is equipped with this movement. Of course, Panerai watch fans will pay special attention to discover, in addition to the special limited edition, Panerai self-made movement coverage rate is higher and higher, the brand further in the movement of self-made movement ambitions, from the beginning of 2014 Put into use the new Swiss watch factory is evident.

Cal.6497 is a large-size manual winding movement, with the appearance of large watches, its size just to meet the needs of almost all the large case. Due to its large size, it is reasonably designed to pass the COSC certification although it is only a low frequency pendulum of 18,000. Panerai Cal.6497 polishing really good, splint and substrate grinding and chamfering, blue steel screws, mirror polished gooseneck, really a lot of work. The only one was criticized by some of my friends, it should be that the main movement of the main circuit board can not see any place without any fish scale pattern polish.

Panerai had released in 2010 a Cal.P.999 movement, and its use of Cal.6497 much like, size is much smaller, but also much thinner. Equipped with its watch is not much, are 42 millimeters table diameter, power reserve is only 60 hours, Panerai movement produced only this is not a long power.

The P.3000 Series is a relatively basic series of hand-wound movement from Panerai, with a total system diameter of 16½ (37.2 mm), a 16½-point equivalent to Cal.6497 and a thickness of 5.3 Mm, more suitable for such large size 47 and 44 mm Panerai classic watches. P.3000 series be considered a more mid-range series, equipped with this movement of the watch are not expensive (Cal.P3001 / 10 hollow and this year’s carved models except).

Movement has a very recognizable structure, 3/4 of the splint movement, a large one small two splints, covering most of the, through a series of thick screws on the bottom of the splint. The movement is equipped with 21 jewels, equipped with two connected clockwork boxes. Provide 3 days power reserve.

P.9000 series is all Panerai self-winding movement in most of the collection of self-winding movement, the basic paragraph Cal.P. 9000, in addition to different functional modules based on its twin different functions of the movement. This series of movement can be said that the most suitable for ordinary office workers Panerai movement wear, after all, automatic movement than manual winding movement convenient.

Cal. P. 9,000, caliber 13¾ French caliber, 7.9 mm thick, vibrates 28,800 vibrations per hour using Glucydur® balance wheel, Incabloc® shock absorber. Equipped with two barrels for 3 days power reserve, a total of 197 parts.

Cal.P.4000 should be Panerai’s latest movement, launched in 2014 in Hong Kong “Watch and Miracle” exhibition. Panerai is the first self-winding movement with eccentric rotor. Diameter of the rotor is smaller than the movement itself, the movement and the watch as a whole have become more slim, the thickness of the movement is only 3.95 mm.

Eccentric pendulum Tuo have two kinds of tungsten and red gold and with different materials watch. Similarly, most of the movement is covered by a large splint. And thanks to the usual Panerai barrel standard (P.4000 is a double barrel), the motive power lasts for three days and the frequency is also guaranteed for 28,800 times an hour, which is mostly eccentric of. In addition, the pendulum Tuo actually follow the P2003 and P.9000 Pendulum Tuo series has the same two-way winding function. Also equipped with a special device within the movement can be unplugged in the crown tuning time to balance the balance wheel vibration, to help the wearer can accurately synchronize the time, the movement of the substrate scale pattern is not polished . After all, is the latest movement, and is the first Panerai movement equipped with eccentric rotor, but also time to test.

These are the above movements Panerai this year, selling the movement, there are a variety of series of movement are not introduced one by one, I hope for your help. Each brand to make a different product line positioning, with different technology is a normal thing, after all, money is there, it is not necessary to take a certain brand of movement to burnish and another brand of grinding comparison , Exterior design is not the same yet. Buy a table, to think clearly what you like, what you want, what kind of price can bear, is particularly important.

Satin texture of the black strap and the overall style is more with

Satin texture of the black strap and the overall style is more with

Breguet’s high-level jewelry watch series, inspired by the creation of his watch royal family floral patterns, paintings, and queens love dresses elegant tailoring, and through the excellence of these jewelry craftsmanship sublime charm of the elegant wrist, It is a symbol of identity and personal status. Today, the watch house brings you a “Petite Fleur” watch of fine jewelry.

The jewelry and watch fusion, Breguet blend of technology and the aesthetic realm in one. Design inspiration from the Versailles mansion was geometric layout of the French garden architecture, filling the royal flavor, impressive lines of grace, like a flower in the spring garden of flowers, blooming in the wrist, dreamlike.

Fantastic craftsmanship inlaid
Fantastic craftsmanship inlaid. 43 inlaid gemstones use imitation Cartier love bracelet ingenious invisible pawl system inlaid into 2 rows, the petals of crystal-clear light surrounding the side, to illuminate the gem-studded flower buds. Dials using snowflake mosaic process, 141 diamonds glorious. Diamonds of different sizes have been cut and adjusted in one piece and arranged in a patchwork pattern. In addition, the use of 48 anti-diamond edge dial dial properly buckle the surface. Just like an exquisitely carved flower.

The crown is made of white gold
Crown made of white gold, in addition to the crown decorated with triangular grooves can enhance the feel of the chain, the top of the crown polished, engraved with Breguet brand Logo. Hides behind 2 rows of square diamond cut diamond petals.

Satin texture of black strap
Satin texture of the black strap, and the overall style is more with. With a platinum folding clasp, polished and clasp on the same paved with exquisite diamonds.

Invisible pawl system inlay process
Invisible pawl system inlay process that white is the “movable” diamond inlay process, this process allows the jewelry in a slight swing, like a flower petals swaying diamond flowers. Wear it on the wrist and dance, as if the petals swaying in the breeze lifelike.

The concave dial is gold-plated silver
Underneath the hemispherical sapphire crystal engraved with the serial number of the product, the concave dial is gold-plated with silver, with 141 brilliant cut diamonds on the dial and 48 retro-edged diamonds on the edge of the dial. Hour needle appearance are Breguet original, both slim and elegant features. Blue steel pointer exudes a faint blue light, blue steel is a metal surface treatment process, the steel parts heated to a certain temperature, after chemical cooling aqueous solution, saponification, the steel surface will be blue, elegant appearance.

Cal. 586/1 Self-winding movement

Bottom cover set with a sapphire crystal glass to build, sweeping exquisite movement. Movement for the self-winding mechanical movement, engraved with an independent number and CAL.586 / 1 words, 6¾ points, 29 rubies. Swiss lever escapement, silks hairspring. Vibration 3.0 Hz. Provide 38 hours of power reserve

Summary: Breguet’s high-level jewelry watch and the story of the royal family has never stopped, to the sounds of timepieces. “Petite Fleur” watch charming, elegant, using the bold mobile mosaic process unique jewelry distribution charm. As a wonderful Replica Cartier jewelry female accessories, every minor action will make it full of vitality, as if the wrist swaying petals lifelike, it is moving lightly.

In the world has a long history of the clock, with hundreds of brands, but classic and heritage brand concept for the watch brand is rare. Today we introduce three to the classic heritage of the superb watchmaking technology up to now the brand watch.

Breguet heritage series 5920BA / 15/984 watch

Breguet heritage series is one of Breguet classic series, this Breguet 5920BA / 15/984 watch, 18k yellow gold case to create, with a black crocodile leather strap and a 18k gold pin buckle. Case Breguet on the outside of the classic coin pattern for the decoration, the dial decorated with Paris nail pattern to the classic “small three-pin” layout, set at 6 o’clock small seconds, 3 o’clock date set the date window, time scale Instead of Roman numerals, a blue steel pointer is used. The same crown with 18k gold to create, providing 30 meters waterproof. Watch equipped with Cal.516 / 1 self-winding movement, providing 95 hours power reserve.

Vacheron Constantin heritage series 81160 / 000R-9102 watch

Vacheron Constantin inheritance series has been called the model of elegance and simplicity of style, inspired by Vacheron Constantin watch the 1950s creation. This 81160 / 000R-9102 series watch case, crafted in 18k rose gold, with a brown leather strap and 18k rose gold pin buckle. This watch dial with the same “small three-pin” layout, a circular silver white dial, 6 o’clock position with a small second disk. 18k rose gold crown, the top engraved Vacheron Constantin brand Logo. Watch equipped with Cal.1400 manual winding movement, the thickness of only 2.6 mm, vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, providing 40 hours power reserve.

Montblanc School Heritage Series U0111875 watch

Montblanc Taichung heritage self-winding watch focus on creating the most important and practical features, on behalf of the top Swiss watchmaking norms: simple and elegant. The U0111875 is crafted in 18k rose gold with a dark brown alligator strap and 18k gold pin buckle. Round brown dial with sun pattern finishes, to the classic princess-style faceted pointer, 3 o’clock date window. 18k rose gold with O-ring crown material to ensure that the case close security, to provide 30 meters waterproof. Watch equipped with MB 24.09 self-winding movement, vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, providing 42 hours power reserve.

Summary: In the era of mechanical timepieces watch, through the first exploration, halfway through the era of electronic watches and quartz watch pressure, and now back to glory, and ultimately able to persevere with a superb tabulation process has a small number of brands, and The motivation behind the exploration they’ve been working on in watchmaking is classic and heritage. Today recommended these three brands of heritage series of men’s watches, brand history and watch making, have reflected the concept of classic and heritage, loved by watch fans.

The wearer can adjust the gold-plated clock to the proper position

The wearer can adjust the gold-plated clock to the proper position

Famous watch brand Montblanc for this special launch Heritage Chronométrie Dual Time Vasco Da Gama watch. The watch diameter of 41 mm, the thickness of 9.9 mm, the case with a triple structure, table bottom cover / watch ring and bezel were made of stainless steel and 18K red gold.

Watch equipped with MB 29.19 automatic winding movement, the movement by the Montblanc watchmaker in Villeret factory to develop their own, with dual time zone function. Through the bottom of the sapphire crystal glass mirror can look at the movement of the precise operation, the mirror is also decorated with Sango Gabriel saint (São Gabriel) sketch and Vasco da Gama’s signature.
The disk can also display the dual time zone information: the central gold-plated imitation Cartier love bracelet hour hand indicates the local time, the blue pointer indicates the home time, the latter can also be read with the 24-hour display to determine the home day and night. If the wearer does not wish to see the second time zone display, the pointer can be perfectly superimposed on the hour hand indicating the local time.

The wearer can adjust the gold-plated clock to the proper position by winding the crown according to the visiting country time zone. In this process, the gold-plated hour hand and the movement temporarily out, and thus will not affect the other indicators (including the blue pointer) position, to ensure that the watch is always working properly.

Central gold-plated minute hand slender and slender, can be used for dual time zone minutes of information display, and seconds through the 6 o’clock position of the small seconds to achieve. The date display for the 3 o’clock position is consistent with the local time display and can be moved backwards or forwards according to the selected time zone.

Silver white dial decorated with Asahi pattern, and has 11 gold-plated embossed facets. The two sub-dial designs on the disc are inspired by the voyage of Vasco da Gama. One is the 24 o’clock dial at 12 o’clock, which is associated with the hometown time. The center of the dial is the southern hemisphere night, dotted south cross star, guide Vasco da Gama’s voyage. The second is the 6 o’clock position of the small seconds, was slightly arched, decorated with miniature three-dimensional world map.

This watch is the world’s limited edition of 238, this figure from the Cape Cape 238 meters above sea level lighthouse to commemorate Vasco da Gama in late November 1497 sailing to this point. Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie Dual Time Vasco Da Gama watch has a black crocodile leather strap, with stainless steel Replica Cartier jewelry triple folding clasp, strap by the brand located in Florence, Pelletteria leather workshop elaborate.

Jacques De Luo will be the traditional Asian egg shell mosaic art into the Swiss watchmaking world, a grand presentation when the small needle plate (Petite Heure Minute) Mosaic Elephant watch. The small dial is a perfect stage for the interpretation of innovation and artistic expression, symbolizing the wisdom and strength of the elephant pacing rice fields, miniature mosaic picturesque. This new Ateliers d’Art series of masterpieces represents art challenges, Acura purely poetic, but also sent us a free tour of the offer.

Jacques De Luo travel Vietnam found this art, the locals use duck eggshell, with amazing craftsmanship inlaid together into a unique pattern. The technology has never been used for tabulation, the brand craftsmen, the real challenge is to mosaic the pattern of miniaturization, decoration in the small dial on the surface. Jacques de Luo artisans use quail eggshell, rigorous focus on creating the disk theme motif. Eggs are small and fragile, sorted by color, shape and purity, totaling more than 2,000 pieces, and finally made of hand in pieces. Embedded in the red plate before the disk, each egg shell of the curve and color should be carefully considered carefully.

Egg shell pattern also coated with a transparent paint layer, and polished to show the perfect consistency and amazing visual depth effect. The whole process took nearly 200 hours, in the black onyx when the small dial and red gold bezel against the background, the elephant pacing rice field pattern more beautiful. Mosaic elbow Mosaic Elephant watch diameter 43 mm, equipped with double barrel automatic winding movement, equipped with 22K red gold pendulum Tuo, the world limited to eight. This masterpiece of art is the perfect portrayal of Jacques Deer’s remarkable creativity and free unruly soul.

Omega Speedmaster series is the Omega brand pioneer spirit of the witness, this series was introduced in 1957, when all for scientists and athletes to provide accurate timing and set up. (NASA) and the Soviet (now known as the Russian) space agency astronauts plan to set the time plan. Today, watch home for everyone to recommend three Omega Speedmaster watch, together to enjoy their style.

Omega RACING watch series 326. watch

This watch stainless steel case inside equipped with automatic mechanical movement, the number of stones 31, power reserve 52 hours. Watch table diameter 40 mm, thickness of 15.05 mm. The dark gray dial uses silver Arabic numerals and time stamps, the six o’clock position has a date display, and has a repeat timing function. Watch case covered with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass table mirror, equipped with black rubber strap. Watch waterproof depth of 100 meters, the use of dense bottom table.

Omega Moon Table Series 311. watch

This watch with a trace of classical interior equipped with manual mechanical movement, the number of movement gem 18, power reserve 45 hours. Watch stainless steel case diameter 39.7 mm, the thickness of 14 mm, the internal black dial using silver time scale, with repeated timing function, covered with anti-wear sapphire crystal glass table mirror. Watch with a bottom table design, the use of dark brown calfskin strap. Watch waterproof depth of 50 meters.

Omega Speedmaster ’57 watch series 331. watch

This watch stainless steel case diameter 41.5 mm, the internal power reserve of 60 hours of automatic mechanical movement. Silver dial on a small second hand set the ball, with a repeat function, six o’clock date display window. Watch covered with wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass table mirror, the use of back through the bottom of the table, the assembly of steel chain strap. Watch water depth of 100 meters.

Summary: Omega Super watch to witness the first human landing on the moon, which is sufficient to prove that the super series of watches with excellent performance, accurate timing. In terms of performance and precision timing, Omega Speedmaster series can be truly known as the pioneer of the brand. Today’s watch for everyone to recommend the three watch performance excellence, style domineering, very suitable for men to wear.